Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NFL playoffs

seeing as how the most intresting thing going in baseball right now is that andruw jones may be traded I figure lets talk a little football. (Alex will be back the 5th of Jan.)

My picks for the week

Atlanta -1 Arizona- I know Arizona has been playing like crap lately, but there offense is much better at home and even though Matt Ryan has been amazing he is still a rookie.

Philadelphia -3 Minnesota- Philadelphia is the sure pick here. The Vikings were only able to beat the Giants second string team by one point in a game that was a must win for them. Tavaris Jackson will not be able to get anything going against the eagles secondary and if Mcnabb plays as he has been he should have problems against the Vikings pass rush.

Baltimore -3 Miami- This one is gonna be intresting coming down to how well the Ravens secondary plays. If they play like they did against the colts week 6 its going to be a long day for the Ravens. I also doubt Flacco is gonna be able to do much of anything or even given the chance to for that matter.

Indianapolis pk San Diego- The colts.. I just don't see the argument for the chargers here. The Chargers secondary has been dreadful the entire year and they have not beat a single decent team all year. LT just isn't the same with his injured toe, atlhough I will give Phillip Rivers credit, he really has developed into one of the better quaterbacks in the NFL.

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