Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rinku and Dinesh Q&A

Rinku and Dinesh are the first indian born players to sign a MLB contract (with the Pirates). Both Rinku and Dinesh have their own blog and it's very entertaining, check it out. They both accepted to answer a few questions for the blog.

Alex H- What is your favorite American food?

Rinku = Pork Ribs and Banana Pancakes
Dinesh = Pizza

Alex H- What is your favorite American movie?

Rinku = Bad boys
Dinesh = Wanted

Alex H- Who is your favorite baseball player?

Rinku = Favorite Pitcher is Cliff Lee and Cole Hammels - favorite
hitter = Jim thome
Dinesh = favorite pitcher Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia - Favorite hitter -
Derek Jeter

Alex H- What do you both, Rinku and Dinesh do in your spare time?

R & D-We calling friends on the Skype and watching many movies. We watch
Baseball Tonight, but it not on now.

Alex H- The music here in America is great, what bands/songs have you been introduced to, which do you like, dislike?

R & D
-We love all American music... most like Hip Hop, Eminem, BDP, No
Doubt. In America all music different. we like.

Alex H- Was the transition from cricket to baseball difficult?

R & D-We not playing the cricket in India. We javelin throwing there.

Alex H- Thankyou Rinku and Dinesh.

R & D- Remember to cheer for the pirates...

Alex H
- I don't know if there are any fans left unfortunately...

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