Sunday, December 21, 2008

Teix wants to be a Yankee?

That's what really is coming to mind right now, i know he hasn't come out straight forward and said it, but think about it.

Mark said he wants to play on the east coast and he wants to win. Teix has had complications in the past with the Red Sox, and they've grown farther and farther apart as the offseason goes on. The Angels, who i thought were the best suitors for Mark, just pulled their offer from the table, who does this leave... the Nationals, Orioles and the Yankees.

Mark also has said he wants to be on a contending team, counting out the Orioles and Nationals. The way i see it, is once Mark gets a solid offer from the Yankees, he's going to take it.

Mark wants to make his decision before Christmas, reasonably so, the guy has to get situated in. The Yankees had better make a solid offer soon, or we may end up seeing Teix playing for the Orioles, and the AL east is hard enough as it is.

I personally would love to see this guy in pinstripes next year, and for the first time i kind of think it's a possibility. I was so dead set on Mark Teixiera heading to the Angels (ever since we signed AJ and CC), that i didn't even think of us signing him.

How's this for a lineup Yankees fans (yes i do enjoy putting up theoretical lineups):

Jonny Damon-LF(i just totally forgot how to spell his first name, is it Johnny, jonny, johny? brain fart at its finest)
Derek Jeter-SS
Mark Teixeira-1B
Alex Rodriguez-3B
Jorge Posada-C
Hideki matsui-DH
Xavier Nady-RF
Nick Swisher-CF
Robinson Cano-2B

That IS a world series team.

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