Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter Meetings tomorrow!

I can't wait, even if nothing happens, you just know that from that point on, anything can happen.

So, i was browsing Rinku and Dinesh's blog which is always a great read... and i found this quote...
This week I discover 3 new sweets that i like very much. i like boston kreem donut. i like napoleon. And i like the oreo ice cream cake. these are all very tasty. I guess in the USA people are fond of giving the sweets because people keep bringing Rinku and I sweets to celebrate. I think this good custom.

and that is why America is overwheight...

Anyway, Video 10, the final video... i decided not to go with a very funny video, but really found this cool.

I'd like to see him try that again...

By the way, i did a Q&A with Peter Abraham, you can see it in the post right under this one.

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