Monday, December 1, 2008

Cano is Ripped

The Yankees were worried about Cano's size for a second baseman for some time now, and Cano seemed like he may outgrow the position.

Well, Kevin Long was with Robinson Cano in the Dominican Republic working on his swing for the last few weeks, and Long only had good things to say...
I was as impressed with what he looks like as I have ever been in my whole life

Cano reportedly hired a personal trainer to whip himself into shape, says George King in a recent article. So for everyone who thinks the Yankees should go off and sign Orlando Hudson and trade Cano... think again, because you may be seeing more of that 342 BA Robinson Cano that we all used to know and love.

Anyway, another day where the Yankees didn't sign anyone... so... video number 4... incoming...

What was she thinking... seriously

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She-Fan said...

She was thinking she needed more drugs.