Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Future of the Yankees

Us Yankee fans have gone through some tough times being ridiculed for selling away our young players and buying our talent, so we as fans more than anyone would love to see our young guys win us a world title in a few years.

Watching the Yankees in the mid to late 90s was magical, it really was. With the genuis signings of Scott Brosius, Bam-Tino and Paul Oneill as well the emergence of true Yankees Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera. Well, times have changed since then, the Yankees are a new ball club, they tried resorting to their old habits in 2008, but it just didn't work out.

Now, for the first time in years, our farm system is in tact and looks like we have a bright and young future ahead of us.

Projected lineup in a few years...

Brett Gardner-LF
Austin Jackson-CF
Austin Romine-C
Alex Rodriguez-3B (he'll be hittin dingers till the day he retires)
Jesus Montero-DH
Shelley Duncan-RF (unlikely, he's 28 and i couldn't think of anyone else)
Robinson Cano-2B
Juan Miranda-1B
Derek Jeter-SS (i know it's tough to think about, but even the greatest of hitters decline and are moved from the top of the lineup to the bottom, look at Bernie Williams).


CC Sabathia
Joba Chamberlain
Phil Hughes
Dellin Betances
Phil Coke

I officially have no love for Ian Kennedy, he's shown to us last year he is a good AAA pitcher, but can't seem to make it in the bigs.

Jesus Montero is said to outgrow the catching position, i placed him as a DH because he's not a 1B, even though that's what he's projected to turn to after catching.

I've always really liked Austin Romine, maybe as a Joe Mauer type hitter, he hits the occasional homer, but will hit for average and drive in runs. In my eyes, he's our catcher for the future.

Juan Miranda can develop power, and if he does we may have a nice 1B for years to come. If he can give you a 280 BA, 25 HR, 90 RBI ... i think we've got a keeper.

Brett Gardner and Austin Jackson will be the Yankees 1,2 guys in the future, i'm commited to that. Many see Austin as a lead off guy, but i see him more as a number 2 guy where Brett is clearly lead off material. Like it or not, Gardner gets his walks and he can sure run.

Dellin Betances had a great second half in the Yanks farm system last year after a terrible start, if he works on his command, he may very well be a stud.

I didn't mention the bullpen, but Mark Melancon as your closer maybe Jeremy Bleich, Kevin Whelan, Alan Horne all seen as late inning guys.

Of course this roster is not likely to happen, mainly because the Steinbrenner's won't let it happen, watching the 08 season, i wouldn't blame them.


She-Fan said...

I'm still not writing off Kennedy. We're gonna need backup b/c of injuries, and I have a feeling he'll step up this year. Hope so anyway.

Snake said...

think we would have an all-time low yankee payroll with that lineup, save for a-rod at least, but yeah that would be fun to watch, dont know how far we would actually get with all the youngsters but i would be excited to watch and find out!