Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You're Welcome!

Yes,well, ofcourse CC would sign with the Yankees after i specifically said that he wouldn't just a few hours before, so you can thank me for that :)

Please, all Yankee fans... join me in letting out all of your excitement... WOOOHOOO YESS! We have a true ace again!I haven't been this happy since we got Randy Johnson(be honest, you were excited too when that deal went down).

Now, the Yankees should move onto Ben Sheets (who is a far better option than AJ Burnett with less risk). Lock Sheets up for 2 years and close to 30 million, maybe then we can feel really good about our baseball team again, out with the old and in with the new!

Yankee fans, go enjoy the rest of your day... i know i will.

1 comment:

Snake said...

haha.. my facebook status was "C.C. IS NOT WELCOME HERE" about 3 hrs before the deal broke.. hmm made sure to change that to Wazaaaaa C.C. cause that was a tad embarassing