Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taking a break...

Hey everyone... as you can obviously tell the blog has taken some time off the last few weeks... and we will continue to do so now that the summer has begun...

...we'll be back in a couple of weeks...

...meanwhile, Christian Bale has issues...

...Go Yankees!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

just dropping in

I was just watching my George Carlin DVD and heard his act on baseball vs football. Always worth watching.

Friday, June 5, 2009

When baseball stopped making sense

With the Yankee game delayed tonight, I figure now is a good time to talk about a few things that have been bothering me all week.

First off, the way the AJ and Padilla situation was handled. Yea it's clear that AJ was retaliating against the Rangers after Teixeira got hit for the second time. So he got fined and suspended, and I'm okay with that. What I don't understand though, Vincent Padilla, a pitcher who has a reputation for throwing at hitters, hit Teixeira not once but twice and still doesn’t get suspended. What the hell is the MLB thinking? I'll take any reasoning, seriously anything, the guys own team was even recorded as saying he was out of line. Now this was the most ridiculous thing to happen this until a bomb shell was dropped the other day...

The Braves released Tom Glavine... WHAT. This move makes no sense on so many levels. The reason Frank Wren gave for the move was that they had better options and they didn't think Glavine could get hitters out at the major league level anymore. Ya, I agree they do have better options, with there top prospect Tommy Hanson coming up to take the last spot in the rotation. But who exactly is there 6th starter if say someone gets injured? Jo-Jo Reyes? Hah, the real answer is no one worth talking about. Even more baffling though is why did they make him go through the trouble of rehabbing if they were just going to release him? Whatever the answer is one thing is clear; the Braves treat their veterans like complete crap. It's no wonder why Smoltz left for the Red Sox this past offseason.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In-game update: Yankees vs. Rangers

Hey everyone, couldn't cover the game today, but i thought i'd pop in and talk about some things i've noticed from the game so far.

-Chien Ming Wang really has to fix his sinker, it's too incosistent. He threw two solid innings with good bite on his sinker, similar to his two previous relief appearances. Unfortunately the next 2+ innings, his sinker had very little bite, it was flat... if he can't keep the action on his sinker for more than 2 innings, it's clear he needs to be in the bullpen.

-Robinson Cano seems to be in a little bit of a slump, he's rolling over on alot of pitches on the outside corner and grounding out.

-Melky Cabrera looks like the old...shitty Melky Cabrera we all know...and are not too fond of. Maybe the shoulder injury that he sustained in Texas actually is still bothering him.

-Nick Swisher seems to be out of whatever funk he was in for most of May, he has another double along with a very good atbat in the 5th inning taking a walk with the bases loaded.

...the score is 6-5 in the top of the 6th right now, Aceves is in right now... hopefully he can lock it down for....nevermind, Ian Kinsler just homered, it's 6-6...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yankees vs. Rangers 6/2


Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Cabrera RF
Gardner CF

Pitching: A.J. Burnett RHP vs. Vincente Padilla RHP

...back with updates from the game...

Update 7:15: Damn... the homeplate umpire tonight has a rocket arm.

Update 7:26:
A-Rod is sooo clutch popping up to the first baseman with runners on the corners and one out there... sooo clutch.

Update 7:39: Burnett has an explosive fastball tonight... and so does the homeplate umpire...

Update 7:45: Posada is a bum... should be 2nd and 3rd with no outs... instead.... runner on 2nd... 1 out... stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.

Update 7:50: 1-0 Yankees on a RBI single to right by Brett Gardner.

Update 7:54: Vincente Padilla is a freaky looking dude.

Update 7:56: 2-0 Yankees after Padilla balked... you can thank Gardner for that one.

Update 8:44: A-Rod almost set some kind of record... if it wasn't for Mark Teixeira going in hard... that would've been a double play: EIGHT MEN LEFT ON BASE IN THE FIRST 4 INNINGS.... that would have been some kind of fucking record alright.

...instead he has left 7 men on base through the first 4 innings...

Update 8:47: oh... and it's 5-3 Yankees.

Update 8:50: here's a picture from Vinny Milano (bald vinny)...


Update 8:52: for those of you who don't know who bald vinny is... he's the leader of the bleacher creatures at Yankee Stadium... and if you're really out of it... they're the people who do the roll call before the game... and if you're a fucking idiot... that's when you chant every player's name....

...meanwhile, it's 9-3 Yankees as Hideki Matsui just hit a 3 run homerun.

Update 9:00: ahhhh fastball right at Cruz's head by Burnett... that's how you do it. Both benches warned.... i love this game.

...then you come back and strike him out...well played A.J., well played.

Update 9:17: hey A-Rod is up... and the bases are not full of Yankees... THANK GOD.

Update 9:21: Warner Madrigal looks eerily like a frog...

...it's 12-3 Yankees now after Jorge Posada tagged his ass for a 3 run homer.

Update 9:42: Maybe the Rangers should sign Doug Eddings to pitch the rest of this game... he's got a pretty good arm.

Update 9:54: Ok... that's enough from me for tonight... Yankees leading 12-3 in the top of the 8th.

Yankees defense a closer look

Last year the Yankees had the second worst defense in the league. The main culprits were Jeter, Cano, Giambi, and Abreu. So half the team basically. So far this year, the Yankees actually have one of the better defenses in the league. What exactly has changed though?

Well first off, replacing Giambi with a gold glove caliber first baseman has helped tremendously. While obviously it's helped the first base position it also appears to have had some kind of ripple affect on Cano. Cano no longer has to worry about a complete lack of range from the first baseman. This has allowed Cano to play further away from first base, like he did pre Giambi. Also, Tex has made Cano look even better by getting some balls that Cano clearly would have missed. Second, Derek Jeter seems to have rediscovered some of his range. He is definitely making plays this year which he would have had no shot at making last year. Who knows maybe he'll actually be able to stay at Shortstop until he retire. Lastly, the center field defense of Gardner/Melky has been way above average so far this year.

That's not to say the Yankees defense is fool proof though. The worst defender on the Yankees so far has been Nick Swisher. The real problem is that Nick Swisher is not a natural outfielder; he's actually a natural first baseman. Due to his unfamiliarity with the outfield he's often seen taking bad routes towards fly balls, which will often fall before he gets to them. The other issue defensively is A-rod. It looks as if his age combined with his hip surgery has slowed him down significantly. He's just not getting to line drives he used to, and with his hip really can't field bunts anymore. Oh, and pop ups still seem to be a big issue.

It's nice to see a good defensive Yankee team for once. The best part about it all is that this core is here to stay for the next 3+ years.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yankees vs. Indians 6/1


Jeter SS
Swisher RF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Cabrera LF
Berroa 3B
Gardner CF

Pitching: Joba Chamberlain RHP vs Jeremy Sowers LHP


Angel Berroa? Starting at 3B? wow... well, i'm assuming there's potentially something wrong with Matsui, considering he looked miserable running the bases the last few games... then again, i could be wrong and Matsui could just be getting a day off. Or, Berroa could just be getting a start... he has been on the team since early May and has only 4 at bats.

Normally i don't say this, but yesterday's game was decided on one pitch... well... one miserable call by the homeplate umpire in the 9th.... the count was 2-1 to Jorge Posada with one out and runners on the corners.... Kerry Wood threw a curve ball that was above the belt, clearly high out of the strike zone. Wood followed with another curve which Posada grounded sharply to second for an inning ending double play.

I'm not psychic, but if the count is 3-1 with runners on the corners... i say Wood doesn't take the risk of throwing that breaking ball... so yea... i said it, the ump blew the game for the Yanks yesterday... as they have done many times this whole year.

...May not have updates from the beginning of the game, but i'll try to catch the end...