Friday, June 5, 2009

When baseball stopped making sense

With the Yankee game delayed tonight, I figure now is a good time to talk about a few things that have been bothering me all week.

First off, the way the AJ and Padilla situation was handled. Yea it's clear that AJ was retaliating against the Rangers after Teixeira got hit for the second time. So he got fined and suspended, and I'm okay with that. What I don't understand though, Vincent Padilla, a pitcher who has a reputation for throwing at hitters, hit Teixeira not once but twice and still doesn’t get suspended. What the hell is the MLB thinking? I'll take any reasoning, seriously anything, the guys own team was even recorded as saying he was out of line. Now this was the most ridiculous thing to happen this until a bomb shell was dropped the other day...

The Braves released Tom Glavine... WHAT. This move makes no sense on so many levels. The reason Frank Wren gave for the move was that they had better options and they didn't think Glavine could get hitters out at the major league level anymore. Ya, I agree they do have better options, with there top prospect Tommy Hanson coming up to take the last spot in the rotation. But who exactly is there 6th starter if say someone gets injured? Jo-Jo Reyes? Hah, the real answer is no one worth talking about. Even more baffling though is why did they make him go through the trouble of rehabbing if they were just going to release him? Whatever the answer is one thing is clear; the Braves treat their veterans like complete crap. It's no wonder why Smoltz left for the Red Sox this past offseason.

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