Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Man-Ram + Pinstripes = Win?

Sorry for not getting in a post yesterday, was in some sort of bad funk. But this morning i read in an article by Mark Feinsand that the Yankees may be going hard for Manny Ramirez.

This also may be why the Mike Cameron deal is on hold, if the Yankees get Manny Ramirez, alot of their problems will be solved. Their ailing offense is going to need a bat with the loss of Bobby Abreu and Jason Giambi, Ramirez will fill that void.

At this time last year, every single Yankee fan (be honest) would not want Manny Ramirez anywhere near the starting lineup. Manny's heroic performance with the Dodgers really showed what he can do in a comfortable environment, not that New York is a comfortable place to be, but i think Manny can handle it.

Man-Ram has always said he wants to play in New York, and the Yankees may actually be able to push a 3rd year on him. The third year may be pushing it with a player like Manny, he's getting older, his defense isn't great, but if worse comes to worse, maybe see if he would accept a deal for 2 years in the 50 MM range with a club option.

No question Manny Ramirez will make the Yankees a better team, and perhaps one of the favorites for winning the AL East.

Here's a realistic opening day lineup:

Jonny Damon-CF/DH
Derek Jeter-SS
Alex Rodriguez-3B
Manny Ramirez-LF
Jorge Posada-C
Xavier Nady-RF
Hideki Matsui-DH
Nick Swisher-1B/CF
Robinson Cano-2B

Now that is a lineup i can feel comfortable with.


She-Fan said...

Please, no. Anyone but Manny. Well, not anyone. But there has to be someone who can hit who doesn't fake injuries and cause problems wherever he goes.

Alex said...

I thought the same thing while he was with the Red Sox, but he really didn't like playing there. When he was with the Dodgers he really shined a new light on me, probably alot of other Yankee fans as well.

I would rather Mark Teixeira, but Manny Ramirez really could take the Yankees to another level (as long as he doesn't fake injuries and cause drama of course).