Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jumping the gun.

I... like i'm sure many other diehard Yankee fans were up and about early this morning to check if there had been any new Yankee news while we were dreaming about CC winning us a World championship. I was scared to see that the Yankees had traded for Mike Cameron; however, some mlb reporters seemed to jump the gun on that deal, and is now being said that the chances of a trade are... remote.

Well, i don't know about you guys... but.... Pheeeeeeeeew! I did not want this guy to be anywhere close to the Yankees opening day lineup. I would much rather risk Brett Gardner playing there full time than have this 36 year old CF who is far past his prime.

I know the Yankees may have seen this deal as killing two birds with one stone, make CC Sabathia more comftorable and fill the CF hole, but seriously... Mike Cameron? CC Sabathia is an outgoing guy, as is the entire Yankees team, he will fit in with everyone just fine, he doesn't need Mike Cameron there to be his bud.

There are far more important things the Yankees should be doing right now, than trading for Mike Cameron, like...

-Signing Ben Sheets
-Trading Kei Igawa for eggs
-Making an Omelet with those Igawa eggs

... you see, far more important things than trading for Mike Cameron... especially getting those eggs for Kei Igawa.


Snake said...

The only eggs that we are getting for Kei igawa are the brown ones that nobody ever buys because they look suspiciously brown and shady

She-Fan said...

The Melky-Cameron deal is off? I just wrote a damn blog post about it! Bummer.

Alex said...

It's not off, just when i wrote this yesterday, i heard the talks were stalled, and many were saying a deal was unlikely. Not sure what is up with the deal right now.