Sunday, December 7, 2008

Peter Abraham Q&A

So, i asked Peter Abraham if he could answer a few questions for the blog, and he gracefully accepted.

Alex H- When do you see Andrew Brackman actually starting for the Yankees, he's not as young as some other 1st round draft picks, could he make some impact out of the bullpen in 09'?

Pete A- 2010 maybe. He has very little pitching experience.

Alex H- Can you see Nick Swisher as the Yankees opening day 1B? Talking to many Yankee fans, they seem to be dead set on acquiring Mark Tiexiera. Is it really that bad if the Yankees have Swish at first?

Pete A- Yes. They acquired him to play first. I don't think they can fix their rotation and sign Teixeira unless his price comes way down.

Alex H- Who follows Jorge Posada? Jesus Montero, Austin Romine or Other?

Pete A-
Impossible to say as of now until we see how the kids develop the next two years. I'd say Romine catches and Montero ends up at 1B.

Alex H- Will Melky Cabrera be in the Yankees opening day starting lineup, or do the Yankees see Brett Gardner as their CF?

Pete A- I would hope not. Melky is a 4th OF at best.

Alex H- How many Yankee blogs do you check every day? What are your most visited?

Pete A- Every day? Just the other beat writers. But I visit many others when I have a chance.

Alex H- Thanks Pete.

I'll be back with video 10 later today...


She-Fan said...

Peter visits "many other" blogs when he has the chance? Like which ones? Yours? Mine? I need a follow up interview!

Alex said...

I know, i was wondering the same thing haha

J said...
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