Saturday, December 20, 2008

AJ Burnett-check Daniel Cabrera-check Roy Halladay-no check

Now all we need is for Roy Halladay to head to the NL...

There's no hiding the fact that Daniel Cabrera and AJ Burnett have dominated the Yankees on many occasions throughout the last few years, now that they are non factors, what does this mean to the Yankees.

In all serious-ness, combined AJ Burnett and Daniel Cabrera started 10 games against the Yankees in 08, not making it easy on us. Many say the Angels put the Yankees out of contention for a playoff berth, maybe so... but these two had a large contribution as well.

Daniel Cabrera is now a National, AJ Burnett is now a Yankee, i'm a very supersticious guy and the way i see it, is the Yankees should feel better about facing both the Orioles and the Blue Jays now, knowing that they won't have to face Cabera and Burnett.

Of course Halladay and many other pitchers lurk within the AL east who have had success against the Yankees, but this sure made me breath easier.

Oh, and hey if you want to look like a monk and feel rediculous... here ya go..



Snake said...

Why So Serious Poodleman?

She-Fan said...

I think the Yankees should license that thing, put pinstripes on it and sell it at the new Stadium. Think how warm it'll feel in October when we're in the world series.