Monday, January 5, 2009

Some thoughts: Andruw Jones, Projections

Hey everyone, just got back from vacation... i hope everyone had a Happy Holliday. So i haven't been really keeping up with baseball news the last week.. and i came back today to see the suggestion of Andruw Jones for CF.

I can't say there wouldn't be posotives to the signing, Andruw is in his contract year and if he wants to make up for his extremely sluggish 08... he will deffinately want to pick his game back up to get a nice contract after 09 as well.

why i don't want Andruw Jones is obvious... the guy is obviously declining... fast... and he hit 158 last year... 158!!! the Yankees have much younger and better options in Melky Cabrera,Brett Gardner and even Nick Swisher. Not sure about you Yankee fans... but i know i'd surely feel more comfortable with some kind of combination of those guys over signing Andruw Jones.

Even though the deal may be cheap and possibly for a minor league contract, the Yankees already have options for CF... wether you'd like to believe it or not.


Ok, if you're curious to see what some of your favorite players are projected to do in 09, check out this site (projections made by Bill James).

right away of course i was curious to see what starters AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia were projected to do...

AJ Burnett- 32 starts, 14 wins, 3.62 ERA, 224 IP, 199 hits, 218 Ks

CC Sabathia- 34 starts, 16 wins, 3.48, 240 IP, 226 hits, 205 Ks

Ok, i'll take both of those starters numbers any day... however... when was the last time a Yankee starter had an ERA sub 4... started 32-34 games and didn't win 17+ games. Even Randy Johnson won 17 games with his incredible ERA of 5 in 06.

There were some other cool projections if you're interested, Phil Hughes, Mark Teixeira, A-Rod... check them out if you get the chance.

I also looked up Kei Igawa... he was projected for 62 innings... i'm sorry i just don't see the Yankees or anyone giving him the chance to throw 62 innings.


Check out this link... David Chase takes a look at all the players who lost wheight/added muscle in the 07-08 offseason and looks at whether they improved or declined.

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