Monday, January 26, 2009

Andy Pettite signs...

We've all had our doubts and concerns regarding Andy Pettite this offseason, but honestly... you've gotta honor the deal that Andy accepted.

Andy turned down a deal that would have guarenteed him 10 MM, Yankee fans including myself were skeptic and the word 'selfish' was even thrown around a few times. But not long ago, as most of you reading knows... Andy accepted a deal with just 5.5 million guarenteed (6.5 can be added to that in incentives).

Shows how classy Andy Pettite is, and apparently... how confident. The right deal was sitting right under the Yankees noses the entire time, Andy wanted the Yankees to figure that out themselves. You have to have some real confidence and determination on your side to turn down a deal that guarenteed 10 MM and accept one for 5.5 with only 2 MM more after incentives.

Great signing for the Yankees... i'd all but given up on Pettite, but i was worried, and was considering pitchers like Randy Wolf, Ben Sheets and Freddy Garcia. But all of us Yankee fans wanted Andy back, he's the guy i would give the ball to, if my life depended on it.

This sure gives the Yankees one helluva rotation, with Andy Pettite as your number 4 starter? Yea you better feel threatened Red Sox "nation"... now, let's look at the Yankees 2009 rotation as of today:

CC Sabathia
Chien Ming Wang
AJ Burnett
Andy Pettite
Joba Chamberlain

This signing also gives the Yankees the oppurtunity to keep Phil Hughes in the minors to tweak the things that need adjusting. So when the time comes that Joba has to move to the bullpen, Phil Hughes can come up and replace him.

Sure looks like a solid team to me... i can't wait for opening day.

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She-Fan said...

Very solid. Can't stop us now.