Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some thoughts continued: Teixeira, Pettite

Well, it wasn't long since i last made a post, and i already have alot to talk about, i'll start with Andy Pettite.

Late last night, Andy Pettite declined the Yankees 1-year 10 million dollar offer. I'm a big fan of Andy... and i always will be, but where does he think he's going to get 10 million dollars a year coming off the season that he just had.

I've always supported Andy Pettite with everything, even later in the secondhalf of last year when he was struggling. In the steroid scandal with him and Roger Clemens, i supported him, the fans supported him, the team supported him. Andy has been a great player and teamate durring his entire time with the Yankees, he has a great attitude and knows how to win. Unfortunately for Andy, he is no longer a 16 MM dollar pitcher.

Andy recieving a 10 MM offer was a great oppurtinity for him to pitch in the New Yankee stadium and also still be one of the highest paid pitchers in Major League Baseball. Where he thinks he can go and get 10 MM a year, i don't know, i can't see any teams in the MLB forking over such money on a 36 year old player with a bad elbow.

Now, my feelings towards Andy on this matter are alot lighter than what i've seen with other Yankee fans; however i still am suprised with how Andy has handled the matter.


Ok, enough with the serious talk... Mark Teixeira was introduced today, and i'm really excited. If you watched the press conference on YES like i did, you could see how happy Mark was to finally be introduced as a Yankee.

If you didn't watch the conference you also missed Brian Cashman or... i like to call him 'Caaashh mooneyyy' .. get the shittt scared out of him when the Microphone screeched.

If you get the chance, watch the conference again later tonight on YES (i'm sure they'll be replaying it)


Sergio Mitre was suspended 50 games for abusing the league's drug testing policy...

So much for that great signing...


Yesterday i posted a link to a post David Chase made on Roto Authority... he has since folllowed up with a part two.

Very interesting read if you get the chance.. here's the link.

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She-Fan said...

I don't know if we're hearing the whole story on Andy. He doesn't strike me as a spiteful guy or even one who's all about the money. He must really feel dissed by the Yankees.