Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some thoughts: Chien Ming Wang, New Yankee stadium

Sorry for not getting a post in the last few days... my internet has been out... anyway here are some thoughts:


Chien Ming Wang's wife is pregnant and they are expecting their child in June. Congratulations to him, i didn't think he was married... no knocking the guy at all, but he's the hottest thing in Taiwan since... ever? He may even be bigger than Derek Jeter is in New York.

I'm just saying... i totally wouldn't expect him to settle down here, he could basically have any woman he wants over in Taiwan... any woman.

Maybe he can get some drawing lessons from Hideki Matsui and we can see what his wife looks like...

(Hideki Matsui's wife)

Peter Abraham linked a video of the New Yankee stadium as portrayed in the new game MLB 09: the show.

That game is deffinately not going to be a dissapointment, i would totally reccomend any owners of the PS2 or PS3 to go and buy that once it is released in early March.

If you have an Xbox 360... like me... MLB 2k9 won't be as good... i'm letting you know right now. The show makes 2k sports look like shit.... just look at those graphics and compare them to what 2k8 was...

Here's the link for the video... please excuse the very strange out of place music...


Must watch video of the week...

Ray Lewis didn't kill no motha fucking lion.


Anonymous said...

Wang's wife


Alex said...

Anonymous... Thanks for the links to the pictures.

I must have looked a good 20 minutes to find a picture of her and didn't come up with one.

Raven King said...

Try this link.

Alex H said...

those are much better, thanks Raven.