Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a few thoughts...

My internet is still off and on, so i'm taking a gamble here with making a post, but i will take the risk.


Apparently Joe Torre has a book coming out...

i cut ties with Joe Torre once he left the Yankees last year, so i am not heartbroken over any of what he said like some fans are.

i have not given any time into reading any of what Joe Torre is saying, but from other people, this is the gist i am getting...

-A-Rod wants to have butt sex with Derek Jeter
-A-Rod's new nickname is... A-Fraud... clever
-Somewhere in the book the Steinbrenner's and Brian Cashman are bashed...

Some of you Yankee fans can sit and be disgusted, or you can be like me... and just take what Joe Torre gave us the last 12 or so years, say thanks... and move on.


Rinku and Dinesh have a great blog that they update every so often... more than Phil Hughes who posts once a month.

In a recent post they explain how they got an autographed picture of 'The Rock'.. who is their favorite actor... they also seem to be fascinated with his muscle...
"We thanking mark Sir, and hope someday meeting Rock. If I meeting Rock i asking how he getting the muscules in biggest"

Little warning to you both, don't take any advice from the Rock regarding getting your muscles bigger.


If you're like me, and love laughing your ass off... enjoy this man's humiliation.

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