Monday, November 17, 2008

Fight night?

So, i noticed every blog had their own special thing they do for their site every once in a while... and i thought, how about once a week... i stage a fake fight between players... tell me what you think...

Fighter 1: Alex Rodriguez

Fighting style: Open palm slams.... come on you saw what he did to Jason Varitek.

Special Ability: he throws flaming dollar bills... why? because he can.

he can sure deal out the damage when his enemies are down, and make sure they stay down... hmm sounds alot like how he plays baseball...

Weakness: Reminding him of his good 'friend' Madonna will put him into a depressed mind state therefore leading him into a slump where he will strike out... err i mean be vulnurable to any sort of attack.

Fighter 2:Manny Ramirez

Fighting Style: He doesnt have one, he sends in a stunt double to do the fighting for him... and he just comes in at the end so it looks like he was fighting the whooole time...

Special Ability:
He can put you in a choke hold with his hair!

You won't have to worry about him suffering any kind of injury, he won't accelerate to a speed higher than... slow jog?

Weakness: His hair, you cut it off and he will begin to weep uncontrollably giving his enemies enough time to pin him to the ground and win the fight.

Winner: A-Rod... come on... he shoots flaming dollar bills... the guy has millions of them (Manny's hair sure does look flammable... he never stood a chance).

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