Friday, November 14, 2008

Free Agent Prediction's (update)

With the information now available I figure now is a good time revisit my free agent predictions

CC Sabathia
- Initially I thought he was going to sign with a west coast team, but with the money the Yankees are offering I really can't see him signing elsewhere anymore.

Mark Texeira- I still think he will end up an angel. His price might be a little lower now that the yankees appear to be uninterested

Manny Ramirez- I still think he will end up with the dodgers, they just need him to badly to compete at the level they did this year.

Derek Lowe- I'm gonna have to say the mets. He has shown his strong desire to pitch back on the east coast and the mets certainly need an additional front line starter, especially if they are unable to resign Oliver Perez

A.J. Burnette- Another player willing to most likely go to the highest bidder AKA the Yankees

Rafael Furcal- I'm gonna say the A's, with the Matt Holliday trade they've shown there willing to bump up payroll in order to compete. He would be a very nice addition to there anemic offense

Adam Dunn- I'm thinking the Nationals for him. He is already on good terms with the National's GM Jim Bowden, and the Nationals are looking to spend some money on a clean up hitter.

Ryan Dempster- I think the Braves will end up with Dempster, especially now that the Peavey trade appears to have fallen through.

Milton Bradley
- The Blue Jay's look like the best for him. Hes free to play DH, and the Blue Jays are in desprate need of a hitter with some power.

The one major flaw I can see in my predictions is that the Red Sox are no where to be seen. It just seems to me other teams will be willing to overpay, while the Red Sox with their already strong core will not be willing to commit to any expensive long term deals quite yet. If anyone has any ideas about what they think the Sox will do this offseason, aside from drive up the price on every single player the yankees want, please leave a comment.

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