Saturday, November 8, 2008

The mystery that is the indecision of Mike Mussina's retirement...

Mike Mussina's feeling to retire or stay with the Yankees has been changing throughout the season. In the beginning of the season, when Mussina looked like he was going to continue with another bad season, it looked like he'd certainly retire. Ever since that point, Mussina had posted an ERA under 3 and won 20 games and looked like he may just be in for another 3 years.

Now, the reasons for him wanting to retire are obvious, the guy wants to live his life, he has a family and he hasnt been with them on a regular basis in a long time.

(Mike Mussina and his son after a spring training game)

Mussina at several points said he would like to pitch in the New Yankee stadium next year and retire... 'and'? seems like a little indecision for our guy Moose here, i mean who wouldnt be indecisive if you are 39, miss your family and just came off of one of your best seasons ever?

Myself and i know most Yankee fans would love to see Moose atop our rotation next year, he provides a great veteran presence for younger pitchers like Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain.

Hopefully he doesn't retire, but if he does, good for him, he's had a great career and could very well be a hall of fame pitcher.

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