Monday, November 10, 2008

BA Yankees top prospects...

1. Austin Jackson
2. Jesus Montero
3. Andrew Brackman
4. Austin Romine
5. Dellin Betances
6. Zach McAllister
7. Alfredo Aceves
8. Phil Coke
9. Mark Melancon
10. Bradley Suttle

...well there it is Yankee fans, the 10 guys you should be keeping track of...

when i first saw the list, i thought... Alfredo Aceves? I didn't know there could be 30+ year old top prospects... and then i remembered, not all hispanic players lie about their age... but seriously, the guy looks like he could have been in Miguel Tejada's High School graduation class...

I'm glad that Austin Romine is not completely overshadowed by Jesus Montero, even though he is behind him on that list... here's why i am actually more excited about Austin Romine... he's actually predicted to be the Yankees catcher of the future, not grow out of the position and become a 1B.

I'm a bit suprised that Humberto Sanchez wasn't included on that list, but he hasn't exactly been good at all in the AFL, if that could have impacted BA's decisions.

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