Thursday, November 20, 2008

Phil Franchise...

So, for those of you who havent heard from Phil Hughes lately, he really has been impressive in his last two starts in the AFL (his final two starts in the AFL).

November 14th- 5 innings 2 hits 0R 1 BB 6Ks
November 19th- 5 innings 2 hits 0R 0 BB 10Ks (76 pitches, 53 strikes)

I'm sure all Yankee fans are ecstatic about the recent success of Phil, and you should know he's been throwing alot more strikes than earlier on in the AFL season.

I also still think Hughes will be a key part to the Yankees 09 rotation... especially if they sign AJ Burnett (you can't honestly expect him to stay healthy... can you?), so look for Hughes to make a serious run for a spot out of spring training.

Pat Venditte won's best reliever for class A short-season, he really is an interesting story, an ambidextrious pitcher... just try throwing a strike with your opposite hand... i dare you! (

2 comments: said...

I'd rather see Hughes (or even Aceves/Coke) in the rotation than Garland, who's been mentioned on other blogs. Besides, Phil has his own blog! That has to count for something.

Alex said...

his own blog which he never posts on! makes me sad, every time i go to click on it wondering what Phil Hughes has been up to, he never updates it :(