Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elias Rankings

Elias Rankings are out and can be found at...

Let’s see, of notable interest in the NL...

John Smoltz loses his type A status- Probably irrelevant as the braves are his likely suitor next year

Oliver Perez gained type A status- this could definitely decrease interest in Olli if he is unable to resign with the Mets and declines arbitration. Rumors are he is seeking over 12 million a year. A high end Draft pick and over 12 million a year is a bit pricey for someone who logged an era of 4.22 with a WHIP of 1.402 this past year.

Rich Harden gained type B status- This should give the cubs a nice sandwich pick, if he does end up signing elsewhere.

Trevor Hoffman has maintained his type A status despite a mediocre year- It should be interesting to see what happens with this, as the padres are looking to cut payroll and Hoffman has not gotten back to the padres on the 4.5 million offer they have reportedly given him. If he doesn’t accept the deal I'm sure the padres will offer arbitration and look to pick up some nice draft picks.

And in the AL...

Andy Pettite still has type A status- With Rumors that Pettite is seeking a 2 year deal which the Yankees are unlikely to give, it is possible that they offer him arbitration and he signs elsewhere, most likely the Astros. (

Milton Bradley only obtains type B status- This should make it a lot easier for him to find the multi-year contract he's looking for.

Jason Varitek obtains type A status- If he fails to work out a deal with the Red Sox its going to be even more difficult for him to sign. His age, combined with his poor year offensively, his ridiculously high asking price as well as desire for a multi-year contract, in addition to teams needing to give up a first round draft pick if unprotected will make it ridiculously hard for Varitek to sign for what he's looking for.

Pudge falls to type B status- This isn't that unexpected, although it should be interesting to see if the Yankees do offer him arbitration, there is a risk of him accepting.

That’s about it for notable changes in the Elias rankings; it should be fun to see how things play out.

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