Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's going to happen?

Sportscenter has teased me over the past few years, presenting me with false rumors/news... last year for example, i woke up to see a breaking news report...

"Sad day for Yankee fans... New York Yankees starting pitcher Joba Chamberlain....(Oh shit, Joba is dead!) will be in Nevada for the next week to be with his father who is ill."

Thankyou for the heart attack you just gave me Sportscenter.

Then there was yesterday morning...

"Breaking News here on Sportscenter, Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids."

'hahaha... very funny... A-Rod on steroids? blasphemy! he'd denied the allogations made by Jose Canseco last spring training like it was nothing, this can't be true, stupid sportscenter...'

Unfortunately for me, Sportscenter was telling the truth... A-Rod has in fact tested positive for steroids, according to 4 sources, one including Sports Illustrated.

But what does this all mean now, last year Alex dealt with the Jose Conseco situation so suave no one thought anything of it, even calling Canseco a bafoon for making such crazy allogations. He went on to play the 08 season poorly and extremely un-clutch with his biggest problem being.... Madonna?

We are now about to enter the 09 season with the news of our best hitter taking steroids. If he wants to set things straight for this upcoming season, he needs to really take things under his wing and admit to anything he had done. Lie about it and you can end up looking like a dumbass, i.e Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Raphael Palmeiro; however, tell the truth and things will certainly turn out better for you, just look at Andy Pettite and Jason Giambi.

This then leads me to wonder, what's going to happen? Is A-Rod going to be suspended? Will he deny the reports? Will he confess to using steroids? Will Yankee fans support him if he confesses? Will the Organization support him if he confesses?

...and we all thought our biggest problem was from a book Joe Torre wrote... ha!

But in all seriousness, i will stand by A-Rod if he confesses to taking steroids, if he doesn't... well... we'll see.

To put into perspective how screwed A-Rod is right now... Alex is more fucked than this guy.


and this guy...

Yes, Alex is more fucked than this man who no longer has both of his testicles.

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Snake said...

well alex cant be hit with a suspension b/c sterioids werent banned in 03, and he cant go to jail b/c he lied to katie couric, and not a grand jury on capital hill, therefore the repercussion will be purely mental for a-rod and of course the fan base laying a giant turd on his face