Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a Few Thoughts: Bobby Abreu, Spring Training

As you may have already heard, Bobby Abreu is close to signing a deal with the Angels... no more "El Comedulce" homerun chants from John Sterling anymore... not sure how Bobby earned the nickname, which means 'candy eater,' I get it now! it's because he's fat... o.k.

The Yankees would face the Angels 7 times in 09, which is 3 less times than they did in 08 (thank god). PECOTA projects them to stink it up in 09.... but no matter how bad the Halos may be, they still pound the Yankees.

With the departure of "El Comedulce," i began thinking... newest homerun chants for players such as, Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher... and i came up with nothing good... maybe "Teix Marks the spot!" for Teixeira, or "Swish Smash!" for Swisher... terrible... i know...

here's some current Yankee Sterling Mannerisms:

Melky Cabrera: "The Melkman delivers!"
Robinson CanĂ³: "(Robbie) Cano! Don't you know?", "Cano can do!", and "A Ribbie for Robbie!"
Johnny Damon: "Positively Damonic!" and "Johnny on the Spot!" and "It's A Johnny's Rocket!"
Xavier Nady: "X marks the spot!"
Derek Jeter: "El Capitan!", "a Jeterian swing...", "a Jeter jolt", and "Oh captain my captain"
Hideki Matsui: "A thrilla from Godzilla!", "Hideki, lower-decki!", and "An Upper-Decki by Hideki!"
Jorge Posada: "Jorgie juiced one!" and "Jorgie jacks one!"
Alex Rodriguez: "An A-Bomb from A-Rod!" and "Alexander the Great conquers again!"


Pitchers and Catchers are supposed to report within the next few days... but what excites me the most...

The first Spring Training game is on February 25th!

14 days to go!


I would also like to announce that Coast to Coast baseball will be covering all 162 Yankee games this year, some via live-blogging.. most via updates, but nonetheless, if you want Yankee coverage and for some reason you can't access a TV... or or any other baseball source... you can come here and check out how dem' Yanks be doin.


David Ortiz is unsure if he's taken steroids... hmmm.

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