Sunday, February 22, 2009

Predictions part 2... part 1...

Here are myself and Ace's predictions for the American League... tomorrow will be the National league and the playoffs...

Alex's predictions-

AL East:

Yankees- 101-61-Y
Red Sox- 97-65-W
Rays- 89-73
Orioles- 73-89
Blue Jays- 69-93

AL Central:

Twins- 93-69-Y
Indians- 90-72
White Sox- 81-81
Tigers- 81-81
Royals- 75-87

AL West:

Angels- 92-70-Y
Athletics- 88-74
Rangers- 80-82
Mariners- 62-100

Ace's predictions

AL East:

Yankees- 99-63-Y
Rays- 97-65-W
Red Sox- 95-67
Orioles- 81-81
Blue Jays- 70-92

AL Central:

Indians- 90-72- Y
Twins- 88-74
Royals- 83-79
White Sox- 81-81
Tigers- 81-81

AL West:

Rangers- 90-72-Y
Athletics- 88-74
Angels- 85-77
Mariners- 81-81

we're both probably not right with most of our predictions, but we'll look back at them after the 09 season...

Here's Nancy Grace at her finest...

He got the death stare...

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