Monday, February 9, 2009

Alex speaks

Sadly, today Alex Rodriguez has admitted to using a banned substance durring the time periods of 2001-03. Yankee fans should be dissapointed, yet at the same time... relieved and grateful that Alex had come forward and admitted what he had done.

It's clear he has made the right choice in this situation, he chose to spare any dignity he had left, be a man and confess the biggest secret of his life. In some ways, maybe we should thank Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Raphael Palmiero for lying about taking steroids, because maybe Alex wouldn't have come forward. Of course Alex's admitting of his usage is the beginning of a long journey for him, but it's a step in the right direction.

Here's Alex's interview with Peter Gammons...

you can tell by his movements that he deeply regrets what he did, yet there are still some unanswered questions... he doesn't know what he took? that sounds a little flaky to me.

If you're interested, here's the interview he did with Katie Couric...

Interesting how he supports Barry Bonds in the end...

very intense interviews all around...

... I would just like to note, now that A-Rod has admitted to taking the illegal substance, i am fully prepared to support him in any way possible... that is until he starts to go 0-5 with 2 DP and 2 strikeouts with 7 men LoB against the Red Sox in late August (i.e the 2008 season... i was at this game)

This is the last thing i will be posting on the A-rod steroids situation... i don't feel like overwhelming all you Yankee fans with the same thing you're reading everywhere, just thought i'd give my opinion on the matter.

- this will take your mind off one scandal... and put it on another... Man Vs. Wild! ... god i love that show.


The guys over at 3:10 to Joba are throwing a contest, you can win a New Era 59fifty Yankees hat... or well... whatever team you want on the hat, but check out the contest.

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She-Fan said...

I'd love to be done with it. It sounds like the players are rallying around him, which is good. Who knows? Maybe this will humanize him in the clubhouse?