Thursday, February 5, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Wright...

As you've probably already heard, the Yankees traded LHP Chase Wright to the Brewers for a promising young position player named Eric Fryer who hit 335. in single-A last year (he plays catcher/outfield).

But that was not the purpose of this post, the purpose was to bid farewell to our friend Chase Wright. Good ol' Chase will always have a place in the Yankees... not necesserally a nice place, but a place none the less.

As all of you know... or most of you, Chase Wright had done what no other man could do. Chase Wright had given up 4 homeruns... consecutively... and one of those players happened to be Jason Varitek... yes the Jason Varitek who hit 220. last year, just 4 points above the Yankees "star" backup Jose Molina.

You SHOULD be ashamed Chase... but we will never forget you, how could we.

Goodbye Mr. Wright, you will probably end up succeeding over in Milwaukee, you're a good pitcher... but you would never be able to show your face in Fenway again, the Yankees did you a favor.

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