Thursday, February 26, 2009

First televised game today

The first televised spring training game for the Yankees is on today. Should be exciting with a few things to watch for. One, I want to see how Cano has changed from last year, lets see if he really did reinvent his swing. Second Phil Hughes is starting so we should get to see if he really has returned to form like reports have said and can put the awfulness that was last year behind him.

Anyway should be interesting, so be sure to tune in if you get the chance. We'll have a recap of the game later for those of you who won't get a chance to watch it, hopefully the MLB can get gameday and box scores up soon.

Here's the lineup for todays game:

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Nady RF
Posada DH
Molina C
Cabrera CF

and the expected pitchers:

Phil Hughes followed by Phil Coke, Brian Bruney, Damaso Marte, Jon Albaladejo, Mark Melancon.

Thanks to pete abraham for the lineup/pitching info...

back later with updates...

Update 1:53: heading to the bottom of the 3rd now... Cano just made a great play running to his left. I missed the first 2 innings, but looks like Phil Hughes was solid... though his control was questionable by hitting two batters... but what can you expect, it's his first start in spring training. As i was typing this... Posada crushed one over the right field stands... 1-0 Yankees.

Update 1:58: Well... Brett Gardner in his first at-bat hit a home run... Melky Cabrera... popped up...

Update 2:22: Brian Bruney on the hill now in the top of the 5th inning, he looks like he's in great shape and is bringing some filthy stuff.

Update 2:30: Jorge Posada cranked a double over Gabe Kapler's head in CF scoring Nady, 2-0 Yankees. Jorge is really looking solid in the first two at-bats i've seen him this spring.

Update 3:08:
Shelley Duncan just hit a ball a mile... 3 run HR. 5-1 Yankees.

Update 3:20: Mark Melancon retires the side in order, solid stuff from him, but we didn't get to see the big hook we know he has in his arsenal. He had some nice late break on his fastball, does not look like a fun guy to face if you're a hitter.

Update 3:34: Albaladejo just retired the side in order, game over. Yanks win 5-1... here's the box score.


Rob Abruzzese said...

The Yankees pitchers are looking pretty good today. It's nice to see such strong pitching. I'm excited for April. At least we have something to hold us over.

Alex H said...

i agree, besides the little struggle that JB Cox had, we've looked pretty solid today. I'm excited to see Melancon.

She-Fan said...

And how about Cano? Impressive in the field.

Alex H said...

Yea, Jane... i only got to see Cano make one play on D, but it was a "pretty play" according to Michael Kay. haha

Alex H said...

still waiting to see the improvement in his batting though, he swung at the first pitch and grounded to third in the only at bat i could catch him.