Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who wants pop-ups?

So this morning i was checking out Peter Abraham's blog over at LoHud, where i noticed he started a poll.

'Melky or Brett in CF?' was the name of the poll, but can i just get something out there? Unless... Melky Cabrera hits 600. with 15 HR and 30 RBI in Spring Training, i don't want him being anywhere close to the starting lineup on Opening Day.

Melky Cabrera's time has come and passed, the only thing we can get from him now is the occasional bloop single and the ever so constant pop-up. However; if Melky does somehow make it to the starting lineup, and in his first at-bat he comes up with a runner on... and pops-up... you will never see Melky Cabrera again, because i am going to kidnap him.

Brett Gardner has a much greater upside to Melky Cabrera, though his golden arm does appeal to me in some way. But Brett has the speed, the defense, the same power as melky... minus the pop-ups. He's basically a better version of Melky, because... besides the golden arm that Melky Cabrera owns, i can't think of one thing that he has, that Brett doesn't.

You may think Melky has great range in the outfield, with all of his running catches and then tumbling 20 feet... but really, he's barely making it to the ball. I learned this when i saw Brett Gardner rock the CF slot last year destroying Melky in the 'range' department.

Guys, the answer is simple... give Brett Gardner the CF role, he's just all around better. Melky Cabrera... well... i still remember the days where you would occasionally be clutch...(mainly defensively, i.e that catch robbing Manny, i was there) so i'll let them leave you in AAA.


Rob Abruzzese said...

Thanks for your willingness to kidnap Melky. I think that is what it might take.

Alex H said...

Hell, someone's gotta do it, haha.

She-Fan said...

I think they should platoon until one of them earns the job. Just please don't put Swisher in CF.