Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yankees vs. Orioles 5/19


Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Swisher RF
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Cervelli C

Pitching: CC Sabathia LHP vs. Brad Bergesen RHP

Notes: The yankees have won 6 games in a row and are now 1 game behind the division leading Red Sox....comeon... the Blue Jays arent for real...and if the Rays don't get their pitching in order.... they may be back to pre 08 form.

...back later with updates from the game...

Update 7:17: i genuinely hate brian roberts.

Update 7:29: Monster homerun by A-Rod... 2-1 Yankees.

Update 8:08: looks like another strong start by Sabathia so far tonight, 4 innings 2 hits 1 run 0 walks and 3 strikeouts.

Update 8:10: how bout this chin music. ... it's off the page!

Update 8:20: Michael Kay just compared a flock of birds flying... to parallel parking... i still don't know how he did it.

Update 8:22: you can NOT walk guys like greg zaun when guys like brian roberts and adam jones soon follow... take the easy out.

Update 8:24: Dontrelle Willis is mowing down the Rangers right now... really? Dontrelle Willis?

Update 8:44: why did francisco cervelli try stealing there? i'm pretty sure derek jeter is up with no outs.

Update 8:46: ohhh Michael Kay... you tease...

Update 9:09: CC through 7 innings...1 run 3 hits 1 walk 7 strikeouts.... now that bruney is back from the DL, gotta wonder if girardi uses him in the 8th with CC's pitch count over 100 pitches.

Update 9:29: by the way.... it's 9-1 Yankees.

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