Tuesday, May 19, 2009

post game wrap up

The Yankees dominate the Orioles tonight winning the first game of the series 9 to 1.


-CC was filthy tonight 7 innings 7 strike outs 1 walk and 3 hits, ya i'll take that especially against the Oriole's offense.

-Nick Swisher 0 for 3 with 1 walk.. give this man a day off or 5, something is clearly wrong.

-Arod and Tex both continue there home run streaks, speaking of Tex looks like he's finally coming out of his slump, this is the Yankees lineup I imagined at the beginning of the year.

-Brian Bruney looked good in his first game back with one scoreless inning as well as a strikeout. Hopefully we can see the bullpen back to its earlier year form.

Anyway Alex and I will be back on Thursday (perferably alive) as we'll be going to Boston to see the Red Sox game tommorow. Wish us luck and hopefully the Red Sox get their ass kicked.

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