Monday, May 25, 2009

Yankees Bullpen

Is anyone else worried about the bullpen in its current state, with Brain Bruney going back on the DL? Let's take a look...

Mariano Rivera- No complaints here it’s freaking Mariano

Alfredo Aceves- A good long reliever/spot starter, but not exactly who I think of when I'm trying to name shut down relievers

Phil Coke- *See Alfredo Aceves

Chien-Ming Wang- I don't know what Joe Girardi is talking about when he says he sees marked improvement in Wang. He still looks pretty awful to me, maybe I'm wrong and I'll come to eat my words this coming series but I doubt it.

Jose Veras- He's basically the definition of a loose cannon. He'll either come out of looking dominate with the ability to locate his fastball, or be unable to locate his fastball and walk nearly every batter he faces

Brett Tomko- How Brett Tomko is still in the majors’ amazes me. He has been terrible EVERY SINGLE YEAR for a grand total of ELEVEN YEARS. Here's an interesting stat for you aside from his rookie year Brett Tomko has never posted an ERA below or even approaching 4.

If Marte and Bruney can't finally get healthy, it appears that yet again the Yankees will be in the market for a good arm come the trade deadline.

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