Friday, May 29, 2009

Tim Dierkes Q&A

We did a Q&A with Tim Dierkes back in December of last year. With the trade deadline in the not to distant I figured now would be a good time for another, so enjoy..

C2C-There have been some early reports saying the Yankee's have no room to add more payroll. You buying it?

Tim D-I'm not. I'd have to see what reports you're referring to, but I cannot see them spending all that money in the offseason and then drawing the line at a few million bucks to add a reliever in June.

C2C-This trade deadline might be the biggest buyers market we've ever seen come the trade deadline. Do you see the sellers being disappointed in their returns, due to the surplus of elite talent that will be available? Peavy, Berdard, Halladay, Holliday, and Hawpe just to name a few.

Tim D-I don't think the sellers will be disappointed. I don't see it as a surplus of elite talent. Take the starting pitching market: Peavy's suitors are greatly restricted, and Halladay probably will not be available. So if you want to bring in a #1-2 starter you have to roll the dice on a few months of Bedard. As for available high quality bats, I don't see too many impact guys either. It looks like a typical trade deadline in terms of talent available.

C2C-There have been a lot of reports that Stratsburg will be seeking a 50 million dollar signing bonus. It’s pretty clear he'll break the record, but do you see him actually getting the 50 million?

Tim D-No...I think most people see him landing in the $20-25 million range. I do think the Nationals will get him signed on August 15th, but over the years we've seen Scott Boras pull every trick in the book.

C2C-The Yankees rotation has been shaky at best so far. With Wang, Joba, and Hughes being somewhat of question marks right now. I know there was a lot of talk about Washburn last trade deadline could you see those talks being revived again?

Tim D-The Yankees don't have a strong need for starting pitching unless they decide to move Joba to the bullpen or someone gets hurt. If one of those things happens then I could see talks for Washburn revived.

C2C-Favorite Weezer song?

Tim D-I will go with My Name Is Jonas...but there are a lot of contenders from their first two albums.

C2C-Any crazy predictions you want to throw out there for the trade deadline?

Tim D-There will be many more rumors than actual trades. Wait, that's not too crazy. OK here's a prediction: Jake Peavy stays put. It wouldn't shock me if the Padres couldn't find a match and wait until the offseason.

C2C- Thanks Tim


Alex H said...

Cool interview mike, how did you know he liked weezer? haha

Ace said...

I remember reading it way back when on roto authority.