Thursday, May 28, 2009

Should the Yankees Trade for Mark Derosa?

I saw on MLB trade rumors this morning that the Yankees might be considering making a run at Mark DeRosa. Is it just me though, or does this idea make no sense? I mean, don't get me wrong I like Mark DeRosa, he's a very good player and managed to post a wOBA of 376 last year. So far this year he has posted a wOBA of .338, which considering his painfully slow start at the beginning of the year is not to shabby.

But what hole does Mark DeRosa really fill for the Yankees? Ya the three headed monster of Angel Berroa, Cody Ransom, and Ramiro Pena has been underwhelming to say the least, but to the point of adding 7 million dollars to the payroll as well as giving up prospects? I just don't think it's that bad yet. Also, while Mark can play the corners in the outfield just fine, he's unable to play center field, a position the Yankees are lacking at right now.

Speaking of prospects, the Indians are seeking major league ready pitching. Uhh... if by major league ready pitching they mean Kei Igawa, Alfredo Aveces, Phil Coke, and Jose Veras, then I'm sure we can work something out! In reality the Indians are probably looking for a prospect more to the tune of Ian Kennedy. Well, if Ian Kennedy were healthy I'd be more than happy to deal him (I'm probably in the minority here, I really don't see the ceiling everyone sees for him), but unfortunately he's not. With Wang and Joba's ineffectiveness so far, as well as Phil Hughes streakiness starting pitching depth is really not something the Yankees should be trading away regardless...

In other news Posada could potentially be back in the lineup as early as tomorrow. It should be exciting to see just how many runs the Yankees will be able to put up with both Posada and Arod in the lineup.

*Edit- I saw that Joe Pawlikowski over at River Ave Blues ,also just put something up concerning the Mark DeRosa rumors. I definetly suggest checking it out if your intrested in this.

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