Friday, May 29, 2009

The Curious Case of Chien-Ming Wang

In the past few days quite a few things have come to light concerning Wang's struggles. Now I've been very critical of Wang so far for his lack of performance this year, and for this I have to say I'm sorry. I was under the impression it was Wang's fault for his poor performance, maybe he didn't prepare properly over the offseason, or maybe he was trying to do something new and it just threw him out of whack. But no, instead it turns out that the entire Yankees front office is incompetent.

Before the offseason began the Yankees instructed Wang not to work out his legs due to his injury from last year. I'm simply baffled by this decision. What exactly were they thinking? The majority of a pitchers power comes from his lower body and core. So by not strengthening this area Wang was supposed to be successful how? In an interview with Andrew Marchand, Cashman admitted that it was a mistake to tell Wang not to work out his lower body, citing their lack of experience with the injury. Lack of experience? Really? Couldn't they have uhh, I don't know called one or two or even twenty five doctors in order to find out what the best course of action was? It's ironic that the Yankees insist on running their stadium like a mega corporation, but when it comes to their players they would rather play guessing games.

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