Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maybe he's not so bad

It's hard to embrace a player as good after a year of total suck, but maybe it's time we say the New York Yankees actually have a quality centerfielder in Melky Cabrera.

Players don't go from hitting 249. to hitting 317. without making some major adjustments, and it's clear that Melky has a new approach to the game. Last year he started out hot, showing a suprising amount of power and hitting close to 300... it got to his head and he became the popup machine we all know...and hate.

Melky now understands that he isn't the homerun hitting monster he may wish he was, but instead a solid hitter with mediocre power. Last year you would never see Melky drive the ball to the opposite field, this's a completely different story.

Melky may have been helped by the contention for centerfield he was getting by Brett Gardner. It's hard to win a starting job back after losing it in spring training because you only get a couple of chances to prove yourself when given the oppurtunity.

Another big problem with Melky was his inability to hit in the clutch...he's certainly proved that he can do that, he has THREE walkoff hits so far this year... and we're still in May.

...i know it may be hard to forget what Melky did last year, but it's time to look forward and embrace that maybe Melky is actually...good?


By the way... the Yankees have been umbaleebable over the past week and a half.

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