Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yankees vs. Reds

Hey everyone, so tonight's game is on YES, the only night game to be televised... anyway here's the lineup-

Gardner CF
Damon LF
Nady RF
Matsui DH
Ransom 3B
Molina C
Miranda 1B
Berroa SS
Pena 2B

...and pitching today is... Joba Chamberlain followed by Kei Igawa, Christian Garcia, Phil Coke, Mike Dunn and Anthony Claggett.

looking for big things from Kei Igawa today...NOT... i wonder if he's going to be rockin the shades.

Thanks to Peter Abraham for the lineup...

...back with updates at gametime!

Update 7:18: first pitch by Joba clocked at 91, his arm strength is still not there. second pitch grounder through the right side for a single.

Update 7:21: Molina threw out the runner at 2nd, grounder to short, and a blistering fastball on the outside corner by Joba for a K, he made it through the first!!

Update 7:24: Another hit by Gardner... let's see if he runs... i bet he does...

Update 7:26: He never got a chance... line drive bullet to first by Johnny Damon for a double play.

Update 7:30: Nasty slider by Joba to strike out Brandon Phillips, he looks alot smoother than in his last two starts.

Update 7:36: Ransom single to center scoring Hideki Matsui. 1-0 Yankees

Update 7:38: Can i just say something? Bob Lorenz and David Cone do not mesh together as announcers...

Update 8:24:
Apparently Juan Miranda had a solo shot, it's 3-1 Yankees now middle of the 5th, sorry had to step away from the game for a bit.

Update 8:40: Damn... Igawa isn't rockin the shades... now i'm sad... maybe if someone homered off of him tonight, i'll feel better.

Update 8:48:
The YES network was either really trippy just now, or i'm way out of it... Cody Ransom up. 3-1 Yanks.

Update 8:59: Kei Igawa is a god among men.

Update 9:11: i would pay good money to see Shelley Duncan vs. Jonny Gomes...

Update 9:12: oh... i was hoping that Jonny Gomes was in left when that ball went over the wall... that would have been some sort of payback for Shelly. 7-1 Yankees, bottom 7.

Update 9:19: Christian Garcia is a giant, and his stuff is good too.

Update 9:21: Well, google is telling me Christian Garcia is a sex offender from Mexico... uhoh... another scandal..

Update 9:25: Ok, well i forgot it was the 8th inning, and i planned to show everyone a video in the 7th inning stretch... so, c2c is starting the 8th innining nap... who needs stretching...

Notice at 5 seconds in, the same guy at the end is walking with a dick on his back...

Update 9:43: Anthony Claggett looked pretty good retiring the side in the 9th, Yanks win 7-1... im out...

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