Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yankees vs. Blue Jays

Yankees are rollin right now, pitching has been great, hitting has been solid, players who have been recovering from injuries have been doing well, and i just jynxed it...sorry...

Here's the lineup for tonight...

Posada C
Damon LF
Swisher 1B
Matsui DH
Nady RF
Ransom 3B
Cabrera CF
Berroa 2B
Pena SS

...and pitching is A.J. Burnett followed by Mariano Rivera, Edwar Ramirez and Dan Giese.

...back in a bit with updates from the game...

Update 7:27: well i missed the top of the first, but looks like A.J. got through it unscathed.

Update 8:02:
Ramiro Pena rips a double to left scoring Angel Berroa. Posada spanks a double to dead center scoring Pena, 2-1 Yankees.

Update 8:13: and nick swisher just doubled home posada. 3-1 Yankees

Update 8:35: Well, i stepped out for a bit, looks like the Yankees scored another run, it's not 4-1 in the top of the 4th with A.J. still pitching.

Update 9:10: It's 5-3 now.. Bruney let in a few, it's bottom 5 Yankees up.

Update 9:28: this game never had my interest... so that's it from me for tonight, 7-3 Yankees top 7, Edwar Ramirez is on.

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