Monday, March 2, 2009

A few Thoughts: Fantasy baseball, Yankee Stadium

Hey everyone, so i'm sure you've been watching the Yankees' spring training games, and you basically know everything i could talk about here, so i won't bore you.


Anyway, i decided i'm going to make another fantasy baseball league, this one is going to be very small, so if you want to join, you HAVE to email me quickly. It's a Yahoo fantasy league, like the last one, but this time with 8 teams, head to head and a live draft. Our email is under contacts on the right hand side, gogogogo!


If you're interested to see more of the new Yankee stadium, check here.

Thanks to reader Bill Rasmussen for the link!

Also! Over at our friend's Kevin Rozell and Bob Ruffolo's yankee blog, they have a great group of new Yankee stadium construction photos, here's the link.


Clearly i did not deliver much of a post tonight, so how can i make it up to you? a funny video you say? OK... fine...

"This is a big horse," classic...


Snake said...

sign me up

Ras #45 said...

Live draft ? Is it via the internet or phone ?

Ras #45 (Bill Rasmussen)

She-Fan said...

I wish I could sign up. No time. Lame excuse, I know, but true.

Alex H said...

Ahhh come on Jane... you know that you want to joinn, find the time! haha.

Ssnake, i've got you registered in, and Bill the live draft is via internet, i'll email you more details.