Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bernie William's CD review

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a while, like Alex I've been swamped with work. I will definitely be posting more once the season starts.

Anyway, today I finally got the chance to listen to the new Bernie Williams CD I had sent to me, and have to say I really enjoyed it. The CD is a combination of rock, jazz, and country all with a bit of Latin mix thrown into them. The songs range from happy and upbeat to slow and not necessarily sad, but more nostalgic. Sort of like remembering back to the first time you ever saw the ocean glistening in the sun or the view from atop a mountain. Oh it also includes Bernie playing an old favorite, "Glory Days" with Bruce Springsteen, my second favorite song on the track. Bernie can really play the guitar solos well.

By far my favorite song on the track though is Bernie Williams’s rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (I'm listening to this right now"). Bernie Williams had this to say about the song...

"This song has a special place in my heart. There are a lot of versions of it so I wanted to make one that reflected the way I felt about the game that I have played since I was 8 years old and for most of my life"

And I have to say he did a great job capturing his feelings for the game. His rendition of the song is slow, soft, somber, as well as nostalgic. Listening to it I remember back to when I was 7 or 8 playing catch with my older brother on a bright and sunny summer day.

I definitely suggest you go out and pick yourself up a copy on April 14th. If someone like me who mainly listens to hard rock was able to enjoy this CD almost anyone will.

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