Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yankees vs. Pirates

Tonights game is on YES... and CC is pitching!! here's the lineup...

Posada C
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Matsui DH
Nady RF
Cabrera CF
Ransom 3B
Pena 2B
Nunez SS

...and pitching... CC Sabathia, Mariano Rivera, Alfredo Aceves, Edwar Ramirez.

I'm very excited to see CC in action, aswell as Mariano... and i'm kind of curious to see Jorge Posada... lead off?

Back in a bit with updates from the game...

Update 7:16: i can't believe i'm saying this, but those pants look a little big on CC...nonetheless, he strikes out Nyjer Morgan, nice start.

Update 7:28: John Flaherty says Mark Teixeira looks comfortable at the plate, i say he doesn't, he may have a great average so far this spring, but he has really stunk it up lately as he strikes out again... but Matsui ripped a double down the line in right, 2-0 Yankees.

Update 7:34: Flahrety just said Melky Cabrera was having a decent spring... really? 259. is decent? damn, news to me.... and that 259. just went down as he swung at the first pitch and flied to left.

Update 7:38: CC... if you strike out Jose Tabata, you'll be my best friend...

Update 7:39: Damn...

Update 7:39: That was awesome...

Update 7:43:
Damn you Jose Tabata...i know what you're trying to do... trying to make Jorge Posada's arm fall off, i know... 2-1 Yankees

Update 7:50: There goes John Flaherty talking about how 258 is respectable for spring training again... OH WAIT, i forgot... it's John Flaherty, lifetime 252. hitter (higher than i thought).

Update 7:57: CC Sabathia is naaaaaaasty tonight, and he's pitching O.K. too, 6 Ks in 3 innings.

Update 8:03: Yea.. i was only kidding when i said Mark Teixeira wasn't looking good at the plate... he just ripped a double down the right field line, Hideki Matsui then followed with a HR to deep right, 4-1 Yankees.

Update 8:05: Well, i just saw the Pirates starting rotation and... woooooof.... i feel bad for their fans... 5-1 Yankees after a Melky Cabrera double scored Nady.

Team USA Update 8:11: Team USA is beating Puerto Rico 3-1 in the bottom of the 3rd.

Update 8:16: Here's Ramiro Pena hitting a "respectable" 250. and respectably just drove in Melky Cabrera from 2nd, 6-1 Yankees... now here's Eduardo Nunez hitting a miserable 474.

Update 8:22: This is going to be a long game...

Update 8:25: I just had a flashback to the 2003 ALCS game 7 with that last bloop single to center by Jorge Posada... ahhh good times... 8-1 Yankees.

Update 8:33: So... yea... this is a long inning... going on 36 minutes right now, and it's not over yet.

Update 8:49: that's probably it for CC Sabathia tonight, he did really well, 4 innings, 1 hit 1 run, 1 walk, 7 Ks... and the last out was a really nice play by Mark Teixeira.

Update 9:02: Mariano Rivera just pitched the 5th inning, 2 Ks, solid.

Update 9:47: ok, this game got boring fast, i'm out. 8-1 Yankees... top 8.

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