Monday, April 27, 2009

Yankees swept, don't panic

Yes, the Yankees got swept by the Red Sox at Fenway, but do i think we should panic? No, not yet.

The Yankees have started the season at 9-9, not great, but we haven't seen anything close to the greatness that this team can produce. Mark Melancon made his major league debut yesterday and pitched very well, the Yankees need a setup man, he could be our answer.

Luckily for the Yankees, Brian Bruney's injury isn't that serious and he could be back when he is elligible to come off the DL. Bullpen wise, the Yanks haven't looked so good, Marte, Coke, Veras, Ramirez...all have been terrible, but i believe both Marte and Coke will turn things around. Veras and Ramirez...yea...not so much...

The Yankees starting rotation hasn't been great so far this year, but it still is one of the best, if not the best, in the majors. I feel Chien Ming Wang will get his arm strength back and return to form, his ERA won't show it, but he'll help the Yankees alot down the stretch. CC Sabathia, generally a slow starter, hasn't even shown a glimpse of what he's capable of, though his start in Kansas City was great, i feel he is capable of more.

Joba Chamberlain hasn't been great to start the season and alot of you think he should move into the ailing bullpen. I won't condone that move unless i see Melancon and Robertson fail miserably, until then, keep him as a starter.

The Yankees offense has been suffering without A-Rod, but considering they are 9-9 right now, i'm not that worried, it could and should be alot worse. Robinson Cano is a beast right now, Jorge Posada has been consistent all year, Hideki Matsui is really starting to come around as is Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon. Several Yankees are slumping, Teixeira, Gardner and Swisher... but they'll all come around sooner or later, and when A-Rod comes back, i think it will take alot of the pressure off of some Yankees trying to do too much.

Yes, the last couple of games against the Red Sox have been bad, but honestly, the Yankees will recover and we all know it... even though some Yankee fans are contemplating jumping off a bridge at this point...

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