Saturday, April 11, 2009

Postgame observations

The Yankees have won their 3rd game in a row and are officially....on a roll, here are some notes from today's game against the Royals.

-CC Sabathia is a beast. 7.2 innings pitched, 0 runs 0 walks 6 strikeouts and gave up only 6 hits.

-Nick Swisher needs to be in the lineup every day, not only because he is hitting the ball well(which he is, 2-3 with a 2 run HR and 3 RBI today), but when he is on the field, i feel like it loosens everyone else up.

-Jorge Posada is swinging the bat really well to start the season... Hideki Matsui is not... so why is Matsui hitting cleanup over Posada? beats me... move Matsui down in the lineup until he breaks out of whatever slump he's in, move Jorge into the cleanup role and see what you get.

-Mark Teixeira was scratched from the starting lineup because he has a sore left wrist. I'm not worried about this at all...he'll be in the lineup tomorrow against the righty Gil Meche.

-Jose Veras pitched 1.1 innings today in relief of Sabathia, and he is the reason they didn't get the shutout...but it's still early, there will be plenty of shutouts to come...i assure you.

-I'm really excited to watch Joba Chamberlain tomorrow, it's his first start of the season so we'll see how he does.

-In honor of the Yankee victory... here's a funny video....

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