Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Peavy a Yankee? No thanks.

The Padres are clearly willing to trade Peavy after his very open disliking with their front office. So the question that comes up, where will Peavy go?

Before i get into possible trade candidates, let's take a look at some very interesting statistics...

ERA at home in 2008: 1.75
ERA away in 2008: 4.28

ERA at home in 2006: 3.75
ERA away in 2006: 4.57

Peavy is clearly a fly ball pitcher, and relies heavily on his very large PETCO stadium, take him away from there, and you may find a very mediocre front end starter.

he also has said he wouldnt want to go to the AL, smart decision for him... add a DH, subtract the pitcher hitting and add the inexperience of knowing the hitters in the league, you will surely see an un peavy like ERA.

now to possible suitors (in no particular order):

1. Yankees- honestly, i don't want him, those split stats scare me, and i don't feel like having another Randy Johnson situation. However, the yankees do need pitchers, and Peavy would no doubt aid the ailing Yankee starting rotation.

2. Red Sox- normally a contender in every deal involving the Yankees, don't be suprised if they throw an offer out if the Yanks do infact decide to go for him.

3. Braves- Their rotation needs some work, the addition of Peavy would really round it out nicely with campillo and their young guy Jair Jurjens; however, a deal may have to include their shorstop Escobar. The braves also definently have the top pitching prospects Kevin Towers have stated they are seeking.This is actually where i think he will end up.

4.Rangers- The Rangers have some nice young talent, and boy do the Rangers need pitching, a deal would however require one of texas's prize catchers in Ramirez and Teagarden (Personally i don't see Peavy waiving his no trade clause to pitch in Texas, but stranger things have happened).

5.Cubs- Really just a question as to whether Ryan Dempster resigns, if he doesnt, look for the Cubs to make an offer. If Peavy does sign with the cubs, a rotation of, Peavy, Zambrano, Lilly, Harden and Jason Marquis (scary).

6.Mets- if Oliver Perez leaves, and Maine's injury removes him from the rotation, the Mets ofcourse will make an offer, however Jon Niese or Daniel Murphy would be targeted by the Padres.

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