Friday, October 24, 2008

Do the Yankees really want Mike Cameron?

I recently read an article posted on Tim Dierkes' MLB trade rumors website ( saying that the Yankees may have interest in Mike Cameron (according to George King of the New York Post).
First of all, i thought the Yankees were looking to get younger, and Cameron, who turns 36 in January, would be a step in the other direction. Now, George King says that Cameron would be a last resort, but a last resort if what happens? Both Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera suffered serious injuries durring this offseason? i don't think that is likely. Personally, i would prefer a young very athletic, scrappy hitter to a declining, poor avg. hitter who may 'wow' you with his occasional HR and his outstanding defense, but there isn't much more of an upside there (he also struck out 142 times in 444 at bats durring the 08 season).
Cameron has a 10 million dollar club option with the Brewers, but it seems unlikely that that will be picked up. If the Yankees are going to go for both Tiexera and CC, aswell as sign Lowe/Burnett, Cameron can not even be considered. Centerfield is the least of the Yankees problems right now, their main focus should be starting pitching and someone to fill the first base hole. (if you disagree with this, feel free to leave a comment below)

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