Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cy Young or MVP?

What would you rather build your team around? a Cy Young or an MVP?

This question was brought to my attention durring the middle of the season, when all the buzz was surrounding Cincinnati Reds pitcher Edinson Volquez and Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton (both players were traded for eachother in the previous offseason). Ofcourse both players cooled down and both fell out of the race for their respective awards toward the later part of the season, but the question still remains: Cy Young or MVP?
Now, there are 162 games played every season, and if your 'Ace' was to start once every five days, he would only pitch in 32 of those games. An MVP however, has the oppurtinity to play in all 162 games, and help you win everyday.
While Cy youngs are hard to come by, MVPs can appear out of no where. Just take a look at Boston's Dustin Pedroia, most people outside of the New England area had no idea who this kid was, now he is strongly being considered for the MVP.
For the past decade, the Cy young has come from the ace of a teams starting rotation i.e Roger Clemens, Johan Santana, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez (Ofcourse now Cliff Lee is trying to become the first pitcher in 10 years to come from no where and claim the Cy young award).
When you take a look at past MVP award winners such as Jimmy Rollins, Justin Morneau, Miguel Tejada and Ichiro Suzuki, you wouldnt normally picture them as candidates for that award, yet they won it (Ichiro doing it in his rookie season).
Now, Cy Young or MVP?

Verdict: If i was to build a team today, personally i would build it around an MVP, a guy who always comes through in the clutch and can carry teams through rough stretches. I.E Alex Rodriguez of 2007 (in the month of April) and Ryan Howard of 08 (in the month of September). Now, i'm not saying Cy Young's arent important, because this was a closer race than i may have made it seem, but i would see my chances of winning the world series far greater with an MVP, rather than a Cy Young.


Anonymous said...

Deffinately would rather an MVP

J said...

Definitely MVP, and the ability to spell.