Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back up and running!

Hey everyone, so as you may know i've taken a few months off, along with Ace... and it's about time we get this blog up and running again. Just thought i would mention that Ace won't be returning to the blog, this is now a one man show.
Just because i've been out of blogging for the last few months, doesn't mean i didn't watch the games, or hear about them... somehow. I've watched almost every game, and i know that this team is more ready for the postseason than they have been in years.

Now you may be a little worried with CC's last start at Tampa Bay, which i don't blame you, but you may as well get his bad start over with before the postseason. Honestly, i feel better knowing he's bombed a start before the playoffs going in than knowing he hasn't. The last thing anyone wants is to throw CC out there for game one against the Tigers or Twins and have him blow up... figuratively and literally. I mean, the guys been absolutely unhittable for almost two months, it was bound to happen. But i'm expecting alot of fist pumping from CC this postseason, and definitely looking forward to it.

A.J. Burnett is a different story, you don't want to throw him out there after a string of bad starts, he's too streaky. Though he may snap out of it--it was very important they had him feeling good and on a decent roll before sending him in for game 2.

Regarding the offensive concerns, of course A-Rod will be on the top of that list, but i think it's about time he snaps out of it. Having Teix hit in front of him, i think help takes off a load of pressure to have him produce. I know all of you remember the last few postseasons with him, he was pressing and trying too hard. Now, i'm not saying he won't be pressing this time, but having Teix there in front of him, must take off a load of the pressure.

Look for Nick Swisher to have a huge ALDS, i can feel he's ready for it. He's just one of those guys you know can come through for you in these types of games...

Naturally having success in the playoffs relies on dominant starting pitching... if the Yankees get decent starting pitching, these teams are in trouble.

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