Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Real Nightmare...

So, just felt like i should share a very interesting dream i had last night... i don't remember the whole thing, but basically the Yankees missed out on all 3, CC,Lowe and Burnett... aswell as signing Mark Tiexera but his leg was blown off a week before the season was going to start(god knows how that happened).

CC Sabathia signed with the Red Sox along with Derek Lowe
AJ Burnett signed with the Orioles

Oh, also A-Rod and Madonna ran off to another country and were never seen again...

glad to see i am dreaming posotively on the Yankees.... i mean... come on Mark Tiexera's leg got blown off??'s funny video number 3 because nothing happened again with the Yankees today.

It never gets old... honestly.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Video 2...

Well, i wasn't in at all today.. and when i got home.. i noticed that there was yet another boring day of Yankee rumors, but i hear Plaxico Burres shot himself in the leg or something??? nice...

so... here's funny video number 2... enjoy:

Some of the stuff they show to kids... it's really quite hilarious

Also, here is a quote from Rinku and Dinesh... they really do have a great blog if you want to check it out, they post often, and it's never a dissapointment (

JB Sir drove us to Barry Bonds house to meet with him. It was awesome.

Mr. Bonds sir has the finest house anyone could ever imagine. He has many animals that he has hunted and preserved to display. He has his own real movie theater. he also has many cars and a gym just like the one at USC. He even has a mirror that turns into a TV! GAZAB!

Mr. Bonds sir studied our pitching with us and gave us many strategies of how to improve.

I don't know if Barry Bonds is the greatest person to be teaching these young guys how to pitch... mainly because... he's not a pitcher? But hell, the guy may know a thing or two about pitching... i have no idea

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just another boring day in the offseason...

So, i am now comitting to posting one funny video every day until something interesting happens with the Yankees... i.e someone signs or gets traded... If there is other news to report... i will post with a video underneath...

...enjoy todays funny video...

"That even smell like letter 'F' ... Ohhh ##%*&*#%&!"

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, now let me brighten your day with a little quote from Rinku and Dinesh...

We are even learning some slang talk. like the other day one of the players on USC team saw another player eating and he said, “What are you cracking on DAWG.”

In America that means what are you eating my friend. Friends call each other DAWG here. Very weird.

... now go stuff your faces!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rinku and Dinesh...

Rinku Bhramdeen Singh, on the left (LHP,19) and Dinesh Kumar Patel, on the right (RHP,19)won 1st(Rinku) and 2nd(Dinesh)place for a contest in India called the 'Million Dollar Arm' contest... considering the population of India... and these two won the contest, they must have something to offer.

both Rinku and Dinesh signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates becoming the first people from India to sign a Major League contract, it opens up a door for other players from India who may take an interest in baseball as Rinku and Dinesh develop into proffesional MLB pitchers.

If you're curious, Rinku and Dinesh have their own blog (link at the bottom of the page) they post on (thanks to 3:10 to Joba for turning me onto this) and it is really very entertaining...

We went with JB sir to breakfast at a great American breakfast eatery called Dennys. Rinku ordered a breakfast aclled the Lumberjack. We now know that a Lumberjack is a person who works as a tree cutter in the forrest so they must eat a lot of food. this breakfast was quite huge. It had eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, potatos, breads, and pancakes. I had French Toast and both meals were very fulfilling.

Oh do they have alot to learn about the American Culture...

They go on to talk about the rest of their day in the U.S.A seeing the movie 'Rock N' Rolla' saying it SUCKED...

It will be really interesting to see where these two end up in a few years.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Nolan Ryan... ain't nothing to fuck with

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a thought...

What is one thing that you never hear about that happens ALL the time in baseball games...

Who doesn't want to see a drunk fan run onto the field and get tackled by security... one? exactly...

and not just in baseball, but in all sports...

come on there is nothing i'd rather see more than an angry Red Sox fan run on the field at Yankee stadium and get DESTROYED by Yankee security...

Can i get an amen people?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yankees as of Opening day 2009...

Now, i'll post what i think is going to be the actual lineup as of Opening Day... and one i would hope is the lineup(barely realistic...unlikely)

Actual Prediction-

Jonny Damon-LF
Derek Jeter-SS
Hideki Matsui-DH
Alex Rodriguez-3B
Jorge Posada-C
Xavier Nady-RF
Nick Swisher-1B
Robinson Cano-2B
Brett Gardner-CF

CC Sabathia-1
Chien Ming Wang-2
Andy Pettite-3
Joba Chamberlain-4
Phil Hughes-5
other options(internal)... Phil Coke, Alfredo Aceves, Ian Kennedy and kei Igawa(JUST KIDDING)

Dan Giese-LR (i'm too lazy to look up how it's spelled... just hoping the 'I' before 'E' rule works out...)
Phil Coke-LR
David Robertson-MR
Edwar Ramirez-MR
Jose Veras-MR
Brian Bruney-SU
Damaso Marte-SU
Mariano Rivera-CP

Now onto my Yankees dream lineup for 09...

Jonny Damon-LF/DH
Derek Jeter-SS
Mark Tiexera-1B
Alex Rodriguez-3B
Manny Ramirez-LF/DH
Jorge Posada-C
Xavier Nady-RF
Robinson Cano-2B
Shane Victorino-CF (acquired in a deal sending Hideki Matsui and Ian Kennedy for Victorino and Chad Durbin)

CC Sabathia-1
Chien Ming Wang-2
AJ Burnett-3
Derek Lowe-4
Joba Chamberlain-5

Dan Giese-LR
Phil Coke-LR
Jose Veras-MR
Edwar Ramirez-MR
Chad Durbin-MR(acquired in deal with Phillies, see above)
Brian Bruney-SU
Damaso Marte-SU
Mariano Rivera-CP

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This dude is my hero...

THINK before you throw at this guy again...

and seriously, why don't people take out the catcher and then go after the pitcher?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't ask...

So, i was bored today... and was thinking to myself... how would some of the chubbies in the MLB fare against one another.

Names that came to my mind:

CC Sabathia- 290lbs-6'7''
Prince Fielder- 270lbs-5'll''
David Ortiz- 230-6'3''
David Wells- 248-6'4''
Sidney Ponson- 258-6'1''
John Kruk- 250-5'11''

Round 1:
CC Sabathia
Prince Fielder

Winner-CC Sabathia-Prince Fielder forfitted his match complaining he saw too much "meat" on his opponent CC Sabathia. (Prince Fielder, substituting beef with fruit roll-ups does not help you lose weight!!).

David Ortiz
Sidney Ponson

Winner-David Ortiz- the fight lasted 2 seconds, which is just a few seconds shorter than how long he(Sidney Ponson) averages on a professional baseball mound before getting knocked out...

John Kruk
David Wells

Winner-No winner-
both men left to help the rest of the over-weight people on ESPN advertise another weight loss trick

Final Round-
CC Sabathia
David Ortiz -

Winner...David Ortiz-CC Sabathia came to his senses and accepted the Yankees contract offer of 140 Million dollars for 6 years and decided it would be smart to just skip the fight and bathe in his fortune...

But seriously CC... accept the offer already... please?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Phil Franchise...

So, for those of you who havent heard from Phil Hughes lately, he really has been impressive in his last two starts in the AFL (his final two starts in the AFL).

November 14th- 5 innings 2 hits 0R 1 BB 6Ks
November 19th- 5 innings 2 hits 0R 0 BB 10Ks (76 pitches, 53 strikes)

I'm sure all Yankee fans are ecstatic about the recent success of Phil, and you should know he's been throwing alot more strikes than earlier on in the AFL season.

I also still think Hughes will be a key part to the Yankees 09 rotation... especially if they sign AJ Burnett (you can't honestly expect him to stay healthy... can you?), so look for Hughes to make a serious run for a spot out of spring training.

Pat Venditte won's best reliever for class A short-season, he really is an interesting story, an ambidextrious pitcher... just try throwing a strike with your opposite hand... i dare you! (

New owner... Hal Steinbrenner

Yeap, it's official, George Steinbrenner reigns no more, though it was one hell of a ride, we've gone through glorious decades of winning division titles, AL pennants, World series titles... and one decade... well not so glorious... (but we don't mention the abomination that was the 80s to early 90s) George led us to 6 world series championships and 10 AL pennants in his time as owner... (35 years)

One comforting fact to all Yankee fans... Hank Steinbrenner will not be handling any of the financial part of being the owner of a team... that's Hal's job.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moose, you will be missed...

Like i had stated in an earlier post, Mike Mussina is in fact going to retire to spend more time with his family (Ken Rosenthal reports)

Not that this comes as a shock to any Yankee fans... but this still is a sad thing to hear, after several great years... even though he didnt get us a championship, he still fought hard and performed at his highest potential...

I certainly hope Mike Mussina has a good rest of his life...

and in other news... Bernie Williams is not retired?(,0,1716737.story?track=rss) yeah ok...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peavy Predictions

So unless you've been living under a rock these past 3 weeks you have probably heard a lot about the chance of this, uhh decent pitcher called Jake Peavy being traded. Multiple times it’s been said that a trade was imminent between the Padres and the Braves only for it to be reported nothing was close a few hours later. So that bullshit only went on for THREE WEEKS, until the Braves declared they were moving on. A few days after this and it yet again looks like the Braves are the most likely target.

So let’s take a look at where we are today. Peavy's short list is known to contain the Dodgers, Astros, Braves, Cubs, and potentially the Yankees and Angels. Alright so we can cross off the Astros and Cubs (now that Dempster was resigned). Can also most likely cross out the Yankees, I doubt they will give up anymore young talent. And the Angels don't seem to have shown any really interest. So that leaves us with just the Dodgers and the Braves. Now I doubt Peavy will really be traded in division unless the Dodgers are willing to give up a much larger package, which is unlikely as it goes against Dodgers GM, Ned Colletti’s philosophy on how to build a team.

So we end up with only the Braves as a potential suitor. Now lets look at the Braves situation this offseason. The Braves have about 45 million to spend this offseason and are looking to add two quality starters (most likely one high end and one mid end like Paul Byrd) as well as a quality left field bat. Let’s take a quick look at the FA pool for high end starters. After the Ryan Dempster signing CC Sabathia, Derek Lowe, and AJ Burnett are the only high end starters left. CC will almost surely end up in New York with the Yankees ridiculous offer of 140 million for 6 years. AJ Burnett will most likely follow suit, with reports that the Yankees will be offering 80 mil for 5 years, substantially more than the Jay's offer of 54 mil for 4 years. So that leave's Derek Lowe, with reports that the Mets, the Yankees, and the Red Sox will be in on the bidding for him. So if Derek Lowe does sign elsewhere, which seems likely, who does that leave the Braves? Let's see, they could try signing Ben Sheets this seems unlikely though, they are trying to get away from injury prone pitchers (i.e. Mike Hampton). So we return full circle to Peavy as the only potential ace left. Now I can see playing out one of six ways...

1. Frank Wren tells Kevin Towers that the Braves are just no longer interested, and signs two mid tier starters such as Oliver Perez and Randy Wolf.

2. Frank Wren agrees to reengage in discussions and Peavy is dealt for a package revolving around Escobar and some other high end prospect, most likely pitching (not Hanson).

3. Frank Wren decides to low ball the Padres and they are eventually forced to agree due to the economic situation as well as John Moore's divorce.

4. The Padres and Brave's agree to a trade but, refuse to give Peavey the no-trade clause he wants, as the braves as an organization are traditionally against no-trade clauses, thus Peavey rejects the deal.

5. Kevin Towers tells Peavey unless he adds more teams to his short list he will be playing for a rebuilding Padres team. Peavy agrees to add more teams and is dealt elsewhere.

6. Kevin Towers tells Peavey unless he adds more teams to his short list he will be playing for a rebuilding Padres team. Peavy doesn’t care and ends up the Padres opening day starter.

Out of all of these I see 2 as being the most likely. I think a combination of the Padres wanting to dump his salary coupled with the Brave's strong desire to return to the playoffs after three years will provide enough momentum for the trade to happen.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fight night?

So, i noticed every blog had their own special thing they do for their site every once in a while... and i thought, how about once a week... i stage a fake fight between players... tell me what you think...

Fighter 1: Alex Rodriguez

Fighting style: Open palm slams.... come on you saw what he did to Jason Varitek.

Special Ability: he throws flaming dollar bills... why? because he can.

he can sure deal out the damage when his enemies are down, and make sure they stay down... hmm sounds alot like how he plays baseball...

Weakness: Reminding him of his good 'friend' Madonna will put him into a depressed mind state therefore leading him into a slump where he will strike out... err i mean be vulnurable to any sort of attack.

Fighter 2:Manny Ramirez

Fighting Style: He doesnt have one, he sends in a stunt double to do the fighting for him... and he just comes in at the end so it looks like he was fighting the whooole time...

Special Ability:
He can put you in a choke hold with his hair!

You won't have to worry about him suffering any kind of injury, he won't accelerate to a speed higher than... slow jog?

Weakness: His hair, you cut it off and he will begin to weep uncontrollably giving his enemies enough time to pin him to the ground and win the fight.

Winner: A-Rod... come on... he shoots flaming dollar bills... the guy has millions of them (Manny's hair sure does look flammable... he never stood a chance).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Because theres absolutely nothing going on

Heres a fight that never gets old.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bring me back something nice...

Yankee fans... you can breath easy... because...

Darrel Rasner got sold to Japan!!! wait... what?

yea... you heard me... Darrel Rasner got sold to a Japanese baseball team for 1 million dollars (according to his agent)

But don't think this was done in an effort to ditch the guy, not that they needed him or anything, but Darrel Rasner apparently wanted to get traded to Japan (

Now that we've gotten rid of one of them... what to do with that other guy... yeah, that guy who got knighted... he's round and kind of looks like a pig?

yeap... that's him...

Joba Chamberlain at 'Last Licks' in NY

So i met Joba Chamberlain today, took photos, got autographs... and even with the VIP status it took an hour and a half of waiting on a line... still, it was worth it.

oh, Joba Chamberlain likes strawberry smoothies... who knew?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Free Agent Prediction's (update)

With the information now available I figure now is a good time revisit my free agent predictions

CC Sabathia
- Initially I thought he was going to sign with a west coast team, but with the money the Yankees are offering I really can't see him signing elsewhere anymore.

Mark Texeira- I still think he will end up an angel. His price might be a little lower now that the yankees appear to be uninterested

Manny Ramirez- I still think he will end up with the dodgers, they just need him to badly to compete at the level they did this year.

Derek Lowe- I'm gonna have to say the mets. He has shown his strong desire to pitch back on the east coast and the mets certainly need an additional front line starter, especially if they are unable to resign Oliver Perez

A.J. Burnette- Another player willing to most likely go to the highest bidder AKA the Yankees

Rafael Furcal- I'm gonna say the A's, with the Matt Holliday trade they've shown there willing to bump up payroll in order to compete. He would be a very nice addition to there anemic offense

Adam Dunn- I'm thinking the Nationals for him. He is already on good terms with the National's GM Jim Bowden, and the Nationals are looking to spend some money on a clean up hitter.

Ryan Dempster- I think the Braves will end up with Dempster, especially now that the Peavey trade appears to have fallen through.

Milton Bradley
- The Blue Jay's look like the best for him. Hes free to play DH, and the Blue Jays are in desprate need of a hitter with some power.

The one major flaw I can see in my predictions is that the Red Sox are no where to be seen. It just seems to me other teams will be willing to overpay, while the Red Sox with their already strong core will not be willing to commit to any expensive long term deals quite yet. If anyone has any ideas about what they think the Sox will do this offseason, aside from drive up the price on every single player the yankees want, please leave a comment.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nick Swisher traded to the Yanks

Ken Rosenthal reports the Yankees traded for Nick Swisher and pitcher Kanekoa Texeira. Jeff Marquez is reportedly involved in the deal, other players such as Wilson Betemit are said to possibly be included.

Not a bad deal for the Yankees here, put Nick at 1B so you don't have to spend the big bucks on getting Mark Texiera, and i looked up Kanekoa Texeira's minor league stats, in 61 IP he had a 1.33 ERA for Chicago.

Here's a video with Toby Hall and Nick Swisher, the guy is pretty funny.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The lefty signs...

Or, mlb trade rumors is reporting it atleast...

I like this move by the Yankees, it really bolsters their bullpen, adding a dominant lefty that you can plug into a tough late inning situation. I know he wasn't great to start for the Yankees, but he finished off strong and showed he can survive in the AL east. Not to mention this could let the Yankees test Phil Coke as a starter...

Ofcourse the deal is not official yet, but should be announced later today... nice pickup for the yanks. Deal was reported to be 3 years 12 million, the Yankees declined an option on Marte that was 6 million dollars.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trade Review

In case you've been living under a rock these past two days Matt Holliday was traded to the Oakland A's in exchange for Carlos Gonzalez, Greg Smith, and Huston Street. So lets take a look at these players..

Carolos Gonzalez- This past year he hit .242 with four homers and 26 RBI in 85 games for the A's, striking out 81 times in 302 at-bats as a rookie. He has the potential to be a 5 tool player who can play center or left field. The only problem is his number of strike outs, which will most likely decrease with an increase of playing time.

Greg Smith- A left handed pitcher with an 85-88 mph fastball but a knack for changing speeds. He is praised for his command and went 7-16 with a 4.16 ERA with a decent ratio of hits (169) to innings pitched (190 1/3). He issued 87 walks to go with 111 strikeouts. He is a flyball pitcher with groundball/flyball ratio of .78. Honestly, I just don't see him being sucessful in Coors Park, his off speed stuff will not move the same due to the climate and he definently does not have the fastball to save him.

Huston Street- The closer/setup man for the Oakland A's the past few years. This past year was an off year for him, as he was plauged with a groin injury.He appeared in 63 games with recording 18 saves with a 7-5 record and 3.73 ERA. He will most likely slide into the setup man role as Manny Corpas moves to the closer role due to the loss of Brian Fuentes.

This trade looks to be pretty even, with the Rockies getting three young players all with a decent amount of upside as they attempt to rebuild. While Oakland recieves a year of Matt Holliday and the 2 draft picks that will inevitably come with him.

Monday, November 10, 2008

BA Yankees top prospects...

1. Austin Jackson
2. Jesus Montero
3. Andrew Brackman
4. Austin Romine
5. Dellin Betances
6. Zach McAllister
7. Alfredo Aceves
8. Phil Coke
9. Mark Melancon
10. Bradley Suttle

...well there it is Yankee fans, the 10 guys you should be keeping track of...

when i first saw the list, i thought... Alfredo Aceves? I didn't know there could be 30+ year old top prospects... and then i remembered, not all hispanic players lie about their age... but seriously, the guy looks like he could have been in Miguel Tejada's High School graduation class...

I'm glad that Austin Romine is not completely overshadowed by Jesus Montero, even though he is behind him on that list... here's why i am actually more excited about Austin Romine... he's actually predicted to be the Yankees catcher of the future, not grow out of the position and become a 1B.

I'm a bit suprised that Humberto Sanchez wasn't included on that list, but he hasn't exactly been good at all in the AFL, if that could have impacted BA's decisions.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The mystery that is the indecision of Mike Mussina's retirement...

Mike Mussina's feeling to retire or stay with the Yankees has been changing throughout the season. In the beginning of the season, when Mussina looked like he was going to continue with another bad season, it looked like he'd certainly retire. Ever since that point, Mussina had posted an ERA under 3 and won 20 games and looked like he may just be in for another 3 years.

Now, the reasons for him wanting to retire are obvious, the guy wants to live his life, he has a family and he hasnt been with them on a regular basis in a long time.

(Mike Mussina and his son after a spring training game)

Mussina at several points said he would like to pitch in the New Yankee stadium next year and retire... 'and'? seems like a little indecision for our guy Moose here, i mean who wouldnt be indecisive if you are 39, miss your family and just came off of one of your best seasons ever?

Myself and i know most Yankee fans would love to see Moose atop our rotation next year, he provides a great veteran presence for younger pitchers like Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain.

Hopefully he doesn't retire, but if he does, good for him, he's had a great career and could very well be a hall of fame pitcher.

Friday, November 7, 2008

No one likes you Kei Igawa...

... and if i see one Yankee fan sporting this Igawa jersey, i will shove you into the ground(they really make those?)...

So Brian Cashman was recently asked if anyone's had any interest in the funny looking lefty... his answer: "No".

Now, here is a list of what you need to do durring the offseason Mr. K:

1. Actually work out and be prepared for spring training.

2. Cut your hair, it's putrid (hopefully i used it correctly, in honor of George King!)

3. Stop whining about how unhappy you are to be with the Yankees.

4. Stop wearing sunglasses... your numbers are kind of better without them, and you look absolutely rediculous.

5. grow a giambi mustache... if you can (if you can't i have one of those fake mustaches they gave out at Giambi support the stache day).

Seriously though... if the Giambi mustache doesnt work, nothing will...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

He Called it!

The face on the monkey says it all...

George King was actually correct on one of his assumptions... Damaso Marte's 6 Million dollar option was declined.... I know!!!

I am honestly more shocked that he was right, than i am the Yanks declining his option.

hopefully the Yankees work out an extension with Marte, truthfully he is not a 6 Million dollar pitcher... if Marte decides not to accept whatever contract offers they present him with, just offer arbitration and get the draft picks.

Back to George King! I think a celebration is in order

just replace the Obama chants with George King...

Mike Mussina wins 7th Gold Glove

Congratulations to Mike Mussina for winning his 7th gold glove. If he does choose to retire, what a great way to end his amazing carrer.

Other American League Gold Glove Winners:
C, Joe Mauer MIN

1B, Carlos Pena, TB

2B, Dustin Pedroia, BOS

3B, Adrian Beltre, SEA

SS, Michael Young, TEX (Seriously? he is -7 on the Dewan plus/minus scale, meaning he made 7 less plays than the average shortstop this year)

OF, Torii Hunter, LAA

OF, Grady Sizemore, CLE

OF, Ichiro Suzuki, SEA

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Maddux Wins 18th Gold Glove Award

Congratulations to Greg Maddux, who picked up his 18th career gold glove award today. This has to be one of the most respectable records in baseball, with Maddux winning the award the last five years in a row and 13 in a row from 1990 through 2002.

To be a 42 year old pitcher with the stats he has, and to consistently be the best fielding pitcher in your league puts Greg in a league of his own.

This last feat may all but close the great pitcher's 23 year hall of fame career since his agent, Scott Boras, stated he intends not to return next season and retire. If this is the end of the line Greg, thanks.

Other National League Gold Glove Winners:

C Yadier Molina STL

1B Adrian Gonzalez SD

2B Brandon Phillips CIN

3B David Wright NYM

SS Jimmy Rollins PHI

OF Carlos Beltran NYM

OF Nate McLouth PIT

OF Shane Victorino PHI

Elias Rankings

Elias Rankings are out and can be found at...

Let’s see, of notable interest in the NL...

John Smoltz loses his type A status- Probably irrelevant as the braves are his likely suitor next year

Oliver Perez gained type A status- this could definitely decrease interest in Olli if he is unable to resign with the Mets and declines arbitration. Rumors are he is seeking over 12 million a year. A high end Draft pick and over 12 million a year is a bit pricey for someone who logged an era of 4.22 with a WHIP of 1.402 this past year.

Rich Harden gained type B status- This should give the cubs a nice sandwich pick, if he does end up signing elsewhere.

Trevor Hoffman has maintained his type A status despite a mediocre year- It should be interesting to see what happens with this, as the padres are looking to cut payroll and Hoffman has not gotten back to the padres on the 4.5 million offer they have reportedly given him. If he doesn’t accept the deal I'm sure the padres will offer arbitration and look to pick up some nice draft picks.

And in the AL...

Andy Pettite still has type A status- With Rumors that Pettite is seeking a 2 year deal which the Yankees are unlikely to give, it is possible that they offer him arbitration and he signs elsewhere, most likely the Astros. (

Milton Bradley only obtains type B status- This should make it a lot easier for him to find the multi-year contract he's looking for.

Jason Varitek obtains type A status- If he fails to work out a deal with the Red Sox its going to be even more difficult for him to sign. His age, combined with his poor year offensively, his ridiculously high asking price as well as desire for a multi-year contract, in addition to teams needing to give up a first round draft pick if unprotected will make it ridiculously hard for Varitek to sign for what he's looking for.

Pudge falls to type B status- This isn't that unexpected, although it should be interesting to see if the Yankees do offer him arbitration, there is a risk of him accepting.

That’s about it for notable changes in the Elias rankings; it should be fun to see how things play out.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The American Idle...

...or the biggest Free Agent bust so far in the 21st century.

I remember the day the Yankees signed Carl Pavano, i was happy... (love the irony in the caption below Carl Pavano... "Could Wright be Wrong?" we didn't listen!!)

Then this happened...

Carl Pavano suffered every injury known to man ... he even is currently suffering from several diseases that have yet to be identified.

So.. what's this i hear about the Yankees wanting to bring back our Idle? What else has to go wrong where the Yankees will need to re sign Carl Pavano? CC Sabathia, Derek Lowe, AJ Burnett, Ben Sheets, Andy Pettite sign elsewhere, Mike Mussina retires, Joba Chamberlain gets arrested for yet another DUI and Chien Ming Wang Breaks his foot again while Jogging? I think i'd rather give Sidney Ponson another chance.

just kidding...

Seriously, there has to be an upside to this guy, so if they do sign him... maybe that won't be the worst thing in the world (again.. just kidding).

(American Idle joke via Peter Abraham)

Phil Dominant

Phils line going into Monday from the Arizona Fall League was not good. The Yankees hopes were to get him to eat up innings, and he's done everything but that logging only 12.2 innings.

Phil's stats in the AFL going into Monday night...

12.2 innings
12 hits
9 runs(8 earned)
8 BBs
11 SO

Here's Phils line for Monday: 5 innings. 1 hit. 0 BBs. 0 R. 8 Ks. 59 pitches (41 strikes)

That's a great sign from Phil, who missed his previous start because of a torn fingernail. I'll keep posting how Phil has done after his starts in the AFL.

Here's a list of some other notable Yankees and how they're doing so far in the AFL:

Kevin Whelan (P): 10 innings. 6 hits. 1 R. 6 BBs. 10 Ks.

Humberto Sanchez (P): 6.1 innings. 13 hits. 12 R (11 earned). 6BBs.3Ks

Jeffrey Marquez (P): 13 innings. 13 hits. 9 R (8 earned). 8 BBs.14Ks.

Juan Miranda (1B): (In 42 at-bats) 333. 14 hits. 1 HR. 7 RBI.429OBP.

Kevin Russo (2B): (In 61 at-bats) 361. 22 hits. 1 HR. 8 RBI.391 OBP.

Austin Jackson (CF): (in 69 at-bats) 246. 17 hits. 1 HR. 11 RBI. 284OBP.

Not exactly stats Yankee fans would enjoy to see from these guys.

I'll put up how the The Hawaii boys (Andrew Brackman, Austin Romine, Damon Sublett) are doing later.

Monday, November 3, 2008

"It's water, straight fucking water"

Please bare with the fact that the video quality is not excellent, the beginning the audio cuts off for 2 seconds, but trust me you didn't miss a thing.

I honestly hope everyone found that equally as hilarious and disturbing as i did.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Damaso Marte in my opinion is one of the best late inning lefty relievers in the game today, letting him slip away is a huge mistake.

George King of the New York Post says the Yankees are likely to pass on Marte's 6 million dollar option (250,000$ buyout) and are likely to offer him a deal worth less(

Here is the one beef i have with this decision, what if Marte doesnt want to return to the Yankees for less? would you really want to risk losing this dominant lefty to another ballclub? I know the Yankees like LHP Phil Coke, but he has only appeared in the majors for a short period of time(though he was very impressive). Here's a thought, pick up Marte's option, and instead of having Coke in your bullpen, try him in your rotation.

Now i've had some problems with George King before, with his thoughts on Mike Cameron, and personally... i don't know where he gets his information from, but i'm not going to believe this until i see it.

Yankees, just a word of advice, you've regretted losing this guy once before, why would you wan't to regret losing him again?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Five Reasons Hank needs to shut the hell up!

(seriously, who would rather see a picture of Hank Steinbrenner smoking a cig up there? not me!)

1. Manny Ramirez is NOT going to be a Yankee next year, so why even make a statement saying he is considered. I know the Yankees are going to make big changes in this offseason, but come on, Manny Ramirez? Do you not forget that just 4 months ago, every single Yankee fan would have loved to stomp on his head! Yes, yes it would aggrivate all Red Sox fans, but is he really worth the money, when we have a surplus of outfielders right now? Hank should know, that if the Yankees are going to be a serious contender next year, their real priority should be acquiring CC Sabathia or Mark Tiexera. There are so many reasons why Manny Ramirez will not be a Yankee next year, i won't have enough time to post them all.

2. You give the Yankees a bad name, just because you're the son of George Steinbrenner, deffinately one of the greatest owners in Yankee History, does not give you the right to speak for the Yankees... (i.e give excuses for why we didn't make the playoffs). Every team goes through injuries Hank, the Yankees just didn't play good baseball at all last year, that's that.

3. Don't badmouth teams publically, Yes, every Yankee fan known to man despises that the Red Sox fans are called Red Sox Nation, but we aren't going to make brash statements against them to the world (actually, maybe we would, but you're soon going to be the co-owner of the Yankees! watch yo mouth) Hank, leave the trash talking to the fans.

4. Don't accuse the NL of being pre 21st century! Seriously, it wasn't the National Leagues fault for Chien Ming Wang's injury, you would think that the guy can atleast know how to run correctly... right?

5. You are a babbling idiot! Every person who watches baseball, makes fun of you and your idiotic comments! now please Hank Steinbrenner.... just shut the hell up!